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LRS Infotech

iOS & Android Application Developer
  |   Mumbai, Maharastra


At Lauruss Infotech, quality is the main motive in everything we do. Lauruss Infotech is a renowned company that focuses on providing its clients with great value for investments in mobile application development, mobile marketing, web technologies and high-end multimedia applications. Lauruss Infotech remains on top of every technological advances in its focused area to help you reach your business objectives in most comprehensive and cost effective manner.

Our wide array of mobile application development services includes iPhone application development, android application development, blackberry application development, and windows application development. At Lauruss, you will get affordable outsourcing of custom mobile application development, game application development and web development that deliver absolute satisfaction and complete ROI.
Service Description
We, at Lauruss Infotech deliver seamless solutions that redefine and broaden business paradigms to you. Leveraging our technological background and industry intelligence, we design and build mobile applications that facilitate easy and quick data processing. We are pioneer in multi device, cross-platform mobile applications development and also provide excellent solutions for brand design as well as web design and development.

The mobile market is evolving exponentially with a greater demand for next-generation technology. The users require mobile applications which have more flexibility, reliability, processing power, security and integration with other applications. Lauruss Infotech has all the tools, processes and experience necessary to build efficient mobile applications quickly and cost-effectively. The applications are available for almost every category right from social, travel, news, sports, business, education, entertainment to learning music instruments and many more.

Our mobile application development and support potentials include the following tasks:
Developing mobile applications for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows Mobile.
Conceptualizing mobile applications including games, GPS, maps, social networking, web service, payment gateway, etc. as per customer requirements.
Designing, building and testing applications.
Porting mobile applications between devices and platforms.
Developing infrastructure and server-side for location and mapping services.
Integrating third-party components on the server side.
Integrating and coordinating with carriers.
Coordinating with device manufacturers for mobile application testing and certification.
Distributing and launching mobile applications.
Carrier catalogs and storefronts
Providing maintenance and support services.

Lauruss Infotech is not just limited to mobile application development but also provides other services such as website development, web design, website re-design, graphic design, logo design, animation development, ecommerce solutions, shopping cart solutions, custom web applications like Joomla, Wordpress, etc. We provide both dynamic and static website solutions to our customers. We use PHP, HTML, MySQL, .Net, WCF, WPF, CMS, Perl, Flash Action Script and Video Streaming.

Our small team comprising of expert programmers, designers and web developers will provide you solutions for your specific requirements. Our highly qualified and multi skilled team of professionals has always been working with the ever changing technologies and evolving globally as one of the most successful mobile solution providers.

Our Commitment
We emphasize on creative input, collaborative approach and economical solutions that allow us to develop a diverse client list. The continuous hardwork performed by us generates excellent outputs which act as the lifeline for our company. We identify new technology and business trends and help the clients around the world:
To enter new markets
To increase revenues in existing markets
To improve operational performance
To deliver products and services more efficiently

Dubai Accreditation Center
ISO 9001:2008
Awarded: 2012
Payment Terms
Payment policy for projects over $5000 USD:

50% upfront released.
20% on delivery of prototype version.
20% on delivery of beta version.
10% on delivery of final version

We will provide free technical support for 2 months period.

For projects under $5000 USD:
100 % Escrowed
50% upfront Released
50% on delivery.

We will provide 2 months free technical support.

We also understand the importance of communication and collaboration during this dynamic process. Lauruss Infotech assigns a Project Manager, one Operations executive and one team leader along with the development team. The operations executive will keep you up-to-date with the latest updates and help solve any queries you have.

We provide access to our online project management tool and online bug tracking tool to clients to involve them in every process. Clients can easily know the update and progress of the project.
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LRS Infotech