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Luke Madera

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Creator & lead developer of open source MEAN-seed and currently focused on/only accepting MEAN stack projects:

7+ years experience building websites & (mobile) apps. Specialize in javascript & responsive design (HTML5, CSS3, Javascript hybrid apps) - 1 code base, deploy to multiple platforms - website plus Android, iPhone, etc. (using PhoneGap, TriggerIO, etc.).
Full stack coder - everything from design/images in Illustrator to Frontend to AJAX to Backend / database to Linux / server admin.

I've been part of and tend to enjoy working on startups and graduated from Silicon Valley Founder Institute (incubator program) and am familiar with building a website/application from the ground up as well as all the business / non-technical challenges that accompany the product.

I'm a huge believer in culture fit and outside of coding/work, I'm passionate about leadership, health/fitness, the outdoors/adventures.
Service Description
High quality is my focus and MEAN (MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, Node.js) is my specialty. I prefer working on new projects (rather than existing code bases) using:

I work exclusively in AngularJS (and*) and node.js (full stack javascript) and will work on existing projects / code bases if the code meets quality standards:
1. robust automated testing (unit & E2E tests, >=60% code coverage). Continuous Integration
2. modular, maintainable (easy to change/update)
3. well-documented (YUIDoc)
4. performant / fast
5. well-designed
6. cross-platform / responsive

Github profile:

* ( ) is a new javascript frontend framework focused on mobile like performance in HTML5

NOTE: NO Internet Explorer 9 or below support! Code is cross platform and browser almost everywhere EXCEPT IE 9 or below since only IE 10 and above support flexbox (IE 9 is just way behind standards).

- Javascript & AngularJS MVC framework (I know jQuery as well but AngularJS is faster/easier so I've switched to their two way databinding. I also have built custom frameworks before and can build in raw javascript for any custom needs)
- node.js, for real time and full stack javascript code base
- Twitter Bootstrap, FontAwesome plus custom font icons
- LESS, SASS/SCSS css pre-processors
- HTML5 (offline access, local storage, web workers, etc.)
- HTML & Templating
- CSS3 (including media queries and fluid layout design for multiple devices)
- mongoDB
- Adobe Illustrator for web-ready, scalable, vector graphics (icon fonts & SVG's or HTML5 Canvas polyfill for Android, which doesn't support SVGs yet below 3.0) and design
- AJAX for fast "single page apps" with no page refreshes; also can use HTML5 Web Sockets for even faster / realtime functionality where appropriate

- Android app
- iPhone & iPad
- Windows phone and any other platforms

- MySQL, PHP (including Yii framework) for the backend (though now I prefer node.js and mongoDB over PHP to get a full Javascript stack focused on realtime capabilities and data binding / sync across all front end and the server).

- Facebook Connect & mobile Single Sign On (SSO), friend inviting
- Google Maps
- Other social integration / sharing: Twitter, Pinterest

- Linux, GIT, & other server setup / management tasks
- grunt.js for workflow and build process
- site speed / optimization (combining & minimizing scripts/CSS, vector font icons & inline SVGs instead of images OR image sprites)
UC Berkeley
Chemistry & Environmental Economics
2004 - 2009
Founder, Lead Developer
2009 - Present
Social calendaring website startup I founded.
Payment Terms
- Half up front, remaining half upon completion for fixed price jobs
- Weekly or bi-weekly for hourly jobs

I specialize in and prefer larger, long term projects with clearly specified work so I can plan ahead and get all the scoping and questions up front then crank out the work. Bottlenecks and overhead are somewhat inevitable but the more we can plan ahead, the more efficient we can build and the better, faster, and cheaper I can deliver the product to you. In general I use the rule/expectation that if I can't give the written specification (typically a wireframe or polished design mock for frontend work and a set of well documented backend api calls and/or JSON mock objects) to another person and have him/her understand it in 15 minutes or less, then it's not clear enough and needs to be better specified before I start work on it.
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