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Michael Mackay, Ph.D.

Statistical Analysis; Research Consulting; SPSS
   United States
  |   Memphis, TN
  |  5:27 pm Local Time


I am a university faculty member and teach graduate-level courses in Statistics, Research Design/Methods, and Organizational Behavior. As part of my faculty position, I serve as the Statistical & Methodological Consultant to the College of Education. My Ph.D. is in Industrial-Organizational Psychology with a focus on psychometrics and survey research.

I am also Owner & Principal of Invisia Consulting (www.invisiaconsulting.com), an H.R. talent management company dedicated to helping clients optimize employee engagement and productivity.

Previously, I worked at FedEx headquarters in the Organizational Effectiveness Solutions department, ServiceMaster's headquarters in the Organizational Development department, and as a market research analyst for Methodist Healthcare.
Service Description
I offer expertise in three areas:

1) Statistical Analysis: Able to provide technical- and executive-level reports that summarize a range of analyses, including structural equation modeling, linear and logistic regression, ROC curves, ANOVA/MANOVA, non-parametric analyses, cluster analysis, power analysis, discriminant functions analysis, scale and reliability analysis, curve/trend fit, r- and d-based meta-analysis, and exploratory/confirmatory factor analysis.

2) HR & Market Research: Able to design empirically valid and reliable surveys to measure various metrics (e.g., customer satisfaction, market segmentation, employee engagement, turnover intentions) and link them to performance metrics. Also able to provide SWOT analysis.

3) Research and Dissertation Consulting: Able to offer guidance on the design, implementation, analysis, and writing of academic research projects, including feedback on APA format requirements.
University of Memphis
Ph.D. Organizational Psychology
University of Florida
Master of Science
Invisia Consulting (www.invisiaconsulting.com)
Owner & Principal
2014 - Present
Invisia Consulting is an H.R. talent management company dedicated to helping clients make optimal use of their human resources. Our team members have advanced training in organizational psychology, management, applied statistics, data mining and visualization, and experience working with local and international clients. Using scientific research and predictive analytics, we can help you answer questions such as: - How can we strengthen our employees' sense of commitment to our organization? - Are there barriers that are preventing our employees from reaching their maximum productivity? - What can we do to ensure we have a fully motivated and engaged workforce? - Are our employees aligned with the organization's broader goals and mission?
University of Memphis
Faculty, teaching graduate-level statistics
2012 - Present
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Michael Mackay, Ph.D. | Elance

Michael Mackay, Ph.D.