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About the Company

Macca Creative is a one-person company with over 24 years of experience in providing content to businesses and individuals. I excel at providing detailed and accurate content in Microsoft Office 2003/2007/2010, Google Docs, Open Office, or Adobe CS6 format. Macca Creative is based in the United States and is in the Central Standard Time Zone.


“Tracy was excellent. Great work. Very pleased. ”
Elance Client-1299energy

"Another outstanding job. thanks! I will be back with the next project I have.
Elance Client-Rewlaw

“Perfect! delivered completed work very quickly. Will use again without hesitation”
Elance Client-dale2004

"The final outcome of the total slide scanning project was far better than I expected. A first-class job & I am more than pleased!"
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"Excellent work. I would definitely recommend.
Elance Client-Johnhardstaff
Service Description
»Data conversion to CSV format
»Internet research
»Internet data entry
»Web-based data entry
»Business cards
»Handwritten documents
»Order forms
»Letter reports
»Product information

»Print ready PDF creation
»PDF extraction to Microsoft or Open Office

»Career overviews
»City descriptions
»Trivia quizzes
»Job application letters
»Persuasive response letters
»Response to customer complaints
»Customer service requests

»Document presentation
»Form design

»35mm scans
»Photograph scans
»Basic retouching
»Color correction
»Photo sharpening
»Element removal
»Element replacement
»Image enhancement
»Flaw correction
»Color cast removal
Cameron University
Multimedia-Associate and Bachelor of Science
2001 - 2008
Draughon Business College
Executive Secretary Diploma
1990 - 1991
Great Plains Technology Center
Courseware Production Specialist
1997 - Present
Great Plains Technology Center
Contract ACD Instructor
1998 - 2003
Great Plains Technology Center
Instructional Services Secretary
1996 - 1997
Comanche County Memorial Hospital
Maintenance Clerk/Safety Coordinator
1991 - 1996
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
I work on multiple systems, some of which do not allow the installation of WorkView. Therefore, I do not use WorkView.

Contractor prefers escrow be funded as soon as terms are agreed upon by the buyer and the contractor. In addition, milestones are required for most projects.

For larger projects, milestones can be funded as the previous milestone is completed. To eliminate milestones shifting due to the award date, contractor requests that the buyer waits for the terms of the project be agreed upon by both parties prior to funding escrow. In addition, some projects may require a deposit.

Deposits are standard industry practice and cover billable hours (research, brainstorming, conceptualizing, and development) that occur prior to delivering a preliminary concept in web, design, writing, or admin.

For smaller projects, a 50% deposit may be required. For larger or long term projects, a deposit of 1/3 or 1/4 of the total project cost may be required.

Deposits, followed with payments attached to subsequent milestones, allows a buyer to spread the cost of a project out over a period of time.

Deposits ensure that the analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation of a project are not delayed due to outstanding payment issues.

Deposits cover losses (and serve as a kill fee) if the project is terminated for any reason. For example, the printer still needs to be paid if the buyer decides to terminate a project after the first run.

If the contractor cannot perform due to illness, casualty, or any other event beyond their control, then the deposit will be refunded in full and contractor will have no further liability with respect to the original agreement.

All payments will go through the Elance Payment Service for a period of two years whether client is a first-time or a repeat client unless Elance has notified contractor that you have paid an Elance an Opt-Out Fee.

Project start date is the day escrow is funded and all client files are made available to contractor. A delay in escrow being funded or client files being released will cause the completion date to move forward.

*All work is made for hire. Copyright of work will transfer from contractor to client upon receipt of payment, and the work will be the sole and exclusive property of the client. In the event of non-payment, the contractor retains all rights to work created.

Projects are limited to three sets of revisions, a revision consisting of all necessary corrections, as well as minor changes in style, vision, tone or content.

More substantial changes, including, but not limited, to re-imaginings and changes in literary format, vision are considered a new project rewrites, and may incur additional charges, depending on the extent of the work requested.

*Provider requests permission to display work in portfolio with client copyright unless buyer prefers not or privacy concerns make this unfeasible.

We may communicate via the Elance Workroom during the bidding process and by mobile phone or email after acceptance of project with conversations being summarized in the Workroom. I am also available for interviews prior to job acceptance via mobile. I do not video message or Skype.

Contractor monitors email throughout the day for workroom messages and can officially meet in the workroom from 6 pm to 10 pm CST Monday through Friday and from 12 pm through 10 pm CST Sunday and Saturday. Contractor can also meet at a specified time, if requested in advance, any day of the week.
Cody Holt
Great Plains Technology Center, SBM Coordinator
"Tracy is a go to person. Whenever I am having trouble with some type of project and software, I can go to Tracy to help me thru the technological mazes that I seem to run into. She has a vast knowledge of multimedia and Great Plains Technology Center is lucky to have her on our team."
Will Johnson
Great Plains Technology Center, Corporate Training Director
"Thanks you for all your support in keeping the curriculum and book orders straight just one trip through the copy room is enough to understand the enormous job you have and how I could not do it without you!"
Bill Cunningham
Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance, Manufacturing Extension Agent
"Tracy is a professional who cares about her customers and fellow associates, often anticipating our needs with recommendations, reminders and solutions. She's a solid performer with excellent technical skills."
Janice Barnes
Janice Barnes, 35mm Slide Conversion Project
"Tracy has the ability to take a challenge and follow it to completion with very little supervision. She not only completed the work given but produced a product far beyond my expectations. This talent is vital to a virtual work environment. Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative."
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