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Amit Singh

IT Consultant
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• 10+ years of diverse and comprehensive experience as Software Engineer, working with MNCs like Goldman Sachs, Fidelity Investments, Misys Banking. Involved in designing, developing software. Specializing in Web Technologies and Client/Server applications.

• International exposure in handling clients. Worked onsite for clients in Singapore and Japan.

• Strong knowledge of current international and domestic affairs, strategic alliance, and business trends.

• Domains: Finance (Corporate Investments and Mutual Fund), Airlines Cargo, Education, Travel Industry. Also worked in software R&D projects.

• Strong knowledge in Requirement Analysis, Detailed Design Specifications, Development, Deployment, User Acceptance Test (UAT). Hands on with Java technology, and other web technologies like PHP.
Service Description
Sun Microsystems
Sun Certified Java Developer
Awarded: 1999
Karnataka State University
M.Sc. (IT)
Freelance Projects
self employeed
2006 - 2011
Misys Banking
as Project Lead
2005 - 2006
Responsibilities: • Being in the architecture team responsible for designing and developing the BPEL process. • Evaluating various rules engines. • Creating the Prototype for the POA. • Creating EJBs and exposing them as webservices, to be used by the BPEL proceses. • Providing technical support to the other teams in UK working on BPEL process.
Goldman Sachs
Sr. Analyst Developer
2004 - 2005
Responsibilities: • Provide critical Use support and technical support to the processes running on a routine basis. • Analyze the problem areas and provide solutions for the same. • Design and develop applications on a regular basis, based on the Business requirements and interaction with the Business Users.
Fidelity Investments
Sr. Analyst Programmer
2003 - 2004
As a Tech lead responsible for Object-Modeling, Class Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams, Testing, assigning tasks to the team members, Coding for common components and documenting the components. • Interacting with Business Users, and Use-case Analysis.
NIIT Technologies
Sr. Systems Executive
1999 - 2003
Member of the core technical team. Involved in finalizing the design and creating the prototype of the framework of the system. Programmed for the framework and created the common components. Single handedly created all the Code Generators, extensively used within the entire project. Responsible for reviewing the module code, to enhance performance and enforce coding guidelines. Tested the framework, for possible performance bottlenecks, using JProbe Test Suit • Involved in the project for the “Requirement Analysis” phase. • Identifying the Use Cases and creating the Use Case View Diagrams. • Creating the Use Case Specifications, Class Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams • Involved in Designing, and Prototyping the various component needed for the framework. • Prototyping for the barcode reader and display devices. • Implementing the Cargo collection and delivery modules.
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Amit Singh | Elance

Amit Singh