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Jenna L.

Marketing With a Clear & Powerful Message!
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Recognized industry expert in multi-channel marketing, online retail, and customer experience engineering.

Business Writer/Editor/Reviewer – #1 Best-selling author, credited technical and substantive editor for more than 10 books, long-form sales copy writer, and salability consultant to publishers and authors.

Achievements Include:

• Author of Craigslist 4 Everyone, Que Publishing, 2008 (Forward by Craig Newmark)

• Composed online sales copy converting at up to 23.2% front end and 19.8% back end

• Credited technical editor for 9 published books, Que Publishing, 2004 - 2011

• Credited contributor to Tricks of the eBay Masters, Que Publishing 2004

• Designed and produced annual product catalog containing over 1500 products

• Published articles on marketing, customer service, and training

• Featured presenter on image development at annual women’s convention
Service Description
Whether I provide marketing consulting, writing, editing, or publishing advice, first and foremost, my job is to exceed your expectations and help you achieve your goal!

My skills and experience allow me to:

Create and maintain an audience-driven, engaging voice and style in all my writing

Quickly and easily turn technical jargon and processes into clear and easy-to-follow information

Clarify, strengthen, and magnetize your message so your audience hears exactly what you want

Design high-converting and persuasive sales pages that gain customer commitment

Outline a step-by-step multi-channel marketing plan customized for your business
Colorado Technical University
Bachelor of Science Psychology (Consumer Behavior)
Southern Illinois University
Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications
Payment Terms
I have listed my stated rate and I assure you that I am worth the Benjamins! However, I will negotiate the rate depending on the details of the project.

If you want the very best and are serious about having your project exceed your wildest expectations, then please reach out to me and I'll make every effort to accommodate your budget!
Pamarie Pedjoe
Pamarie Pedjoe, Owner
Created offline and online marketing strategy for Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Designed and produced all advertising and marketing creatives. Consulted with website design and wrote website copy.
Mike Morgan
Reliable Advertising, Inc., President
"I have personally worked with Jenna on projects and boy, she is one sharp marketer. Not only is she a savvy copywriter, she has incredible vision, imagination and a tactical bag of tricks that goes deep. Top it all off with her "get it done" attitude, and she has a winning combination. If you want more business, Jenna will show you the way."
Jeff Zeak
American Institute of Baking, Pilot Plant Manager
“This is a short note to acknowledge how pleased I am with the business relationship that I have formed with Jenna Lloyd of Applied Force Marketing. Jenna has provided top-notch quality marketing and list building strategies that greatly increased our conversion rates. She reduced the stress and burdensome workload of our administrative staff. By utilizing her services your company will have more time to focus on customer satisfaction and retention, increasing sales and revenue, and fostering company growth. As an accomplished author, speaker and trainer you will be able to learn from Jenna’s proven marketing expertise and world class copywriting skills. Her willingness to share her marketing and list building skills will improve your visibility to customers and help you grow your customer base while containing costs at the same time. The result is that you will be able to focus on what you do best and that is running your business while knowing that the marketing and technology is taken care of by Jenna and her team. I am excited with how this business relationship is developing!”
Cheri Gross
Paramount Booking, President
“Jenna is a fantastic marketer and a wiz at getting the word out... not just ANY word, but YOUR word! Jenna delivers on amazingly tight time schedules and always with a passion for what she does is the BEST! She has a talent for reading your customers’ minds and getting the right pitch across in the most effective way.”
Michael Savoie
Michael Savoie, Owner
“If you are looking for someone who can make your marketing dreams come true, you have found that person in Jenna Lloyd! She thinks big, takes massive action, and gets huge results using sound direct response practices. Jenna's marketing strategies are astonishing in their simplicity and effectiveness. She can finesse advertising campaigns into higher conversions, leading to increased earnings!”
Jenna L. | Elance

Jenna L.