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A&M Digi5 Studios Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in January 2009 to cater to the growing need for Innovative Graphic Design, Web Design, Digital Imaging, Advertising and Branding services in India and abroad.

Our pool of experienced and creative specialists from all over the industry has proven their class time and again. We are a growing company of around 60 Trained Graphic Design professionals and expanding rapidly. Competition is a part of every business and so it is ours, therefore 100% quality and nominal pricing is guaranteed with 24 hrs availability so that our clients feel as if we are located just at their own premises.

As professional graphic designers and illustrators, A&M Digi5 Studios has the extra creativity and expertise in graphic design to help you reach your potential through marketing! We'll deliver exciting graphics, layout and design concepts that won't exceed your budget... just your Expectations!
Service Description
A&M Digi5 Studios specializes in:

Graphic Design is an important ingredient of the dish that is your corporate identity. A corporate identity is a coming together of various elements such as websites, brochures, logo, business cards, letter heads etc which create Brand Awareness and recognition for your organization.

Photo Composting is the combining of visual elements from separate sources into single images, often to create the illusion that all those elements are parts of the same scene.

Digital Imaging/ Digitization has become essential for personal as well as commercial use. Particularly for Govt. Agencies, Stock agencies, commercial photographers, Ad Agencies, publishers etc.

Our list of services includes:
Ad Design
Flyer/ Poster Design
Logo Design
Brochure Design
High End Graphic Design
Newsletter Design
Photo Compositing
Photo Restoration
Stock Photo Retouching
Photo Manipulation
3D Architectural Design
Payment Terms
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Manoj Bist | Elance

Manoj Bist