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Proactive IT Support, IaaS and Cloud Computing
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About the Company

Manzilain Ltd is an IT Consultancy Company based in London, UK catering for clients across the globe and provides both proactive and reactive IT Support services to a wide range of clients across several industries.

We provide you with all the services an internal IT Department would, but at the fraction of the cost. Whats more, you do not have to worry about holidays, sickness cover or training and development of IT staff, thus saving you on the substantial financial outlay in hiring your own internal IT team.

We provide complete end to end solutions with a prime focus on Microsoft Infrastructure Technologies, Private Cloud Solutions emcompasing Infrastructure Servers, RDS and Application Servers as well as Cloud Email and Collaborations Services such as Office 365, Google Apps, Salesforce, Intuit and Sage. In addition, we can design solid security solutions including state of art Backup and DR Solutions, Hosting Solutions, Antivirus and AntiSpam SaaS based services.
Service Description
As your IT Partner, we can:

1. Manage all your IT needs, dealing with all support issues, analyse your corporate needs and formulate a cost effective IT strategy.

2. Ensure that your IT Infrastructure is up and running smoothly, ensuring that all systems are consistently available and stable

3. Ensure a highly secure network and IT environment with the latest security technologies in place to protect you from viruses, hackers and other threats

4. Ensure your data is safely backed up, secure and implement business disaster recovery and continuity practices to ensure that you are up and running as quickly as possible in case of disasters

As well as acting as your virtual IT Department, where we provide full Helpdesk facilities, we can also provide a variety of other IT Services. These include:

1. Email and Collaboration Services

Both email and collaboration tools such as file sharing and centralised data storage are the barebones of any business. Our engineers have years of experience in the design, implementation and support of both onsite and cloud based email solutions, mobile email access, file sharing and data storage. We have years of experience in the provision and support of services such as Office 365, Google Apps, Hosted Exchange Services, SharePoint Solutions, WebDav File Sharing Services and most recently Private Cloud Design and Configuration services both on-primise and off-site datacenters.

1. Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

Backups are crucial to any organisation and the ability to restore from backup in the event of a disaster is of paramount importantace. Manzilain IT provides a range of Backup methodologies such as Onsite Tape and Disk Backups, Offsite Remote Backups and Datacenter Solutions where we provide full standby servers that mirror your production server enviroment and allow you to failover in case of major disasters.

2. Antivirus and Anti Spam Solutions

Manzilain IT is in partnership with industry giants like Symantec and McAfee and we have a variety of solutions to keep your network environment protected from viruses and spam.

In addition, we provide full antivirus and spam filtering services for emails. Again, these can be installed and configured onsite at your premises or mail can be redirected and filtered thorugh hosted Antispam providers before they enter your network infrastructure

3. Mobile Email Solutions

Manzilain IT can provide full mobile email services using technologies such as Blackberry Enterprise Servers for full email and collaboration features to your blackberry devices.

If you use IPhones, we can provide full Active Sync Services to allow you to access your emails, contacts and calendar over the air.

4. Office Moves

If you are moving offices, you will need to give some consideration to ensuring that your IT infrastructure is safe moved and configured at you rnew offices.

For your office move, our senior engineers will carry out the following tasks:

a. Work with you to identify the infrastructure setup at the new office
b. Work with you to liaise with your new telephone company on your requirments. Your telephone company will be responsible for the move of voice systems to your new offices and ensuring that your phone network is up and running.
c. Identify your new Internet Requirments at the new office, and work with you to establish whether you will be moving your exisiting Internet service or getting a new provider at the new office.
d. Ensure and test Internet Service at the new office prior to the actual move
e. Manage all your Email traffic to ensure that all emails get deleiverd to your new office as soon as the move is complete
f. Correctly shutdown and package all IT equipment
g. Once your removal company delivers all IT equipment to the new office, our senior engineer will re-essemble all devices and configure them to work with the office IT Infrastructure including Internet and Email access

5. Remote Access and VPN

Manzilain IT can provide you and your organisation with a fully functional Remote Access Services to allow you to access corporate data, emails and collaborative features whilst away from the office. Your team no longer have to be tied down to their desks at the office. With Manzilain IT RAS & VPN tools, you can access your corporate date from any where in the world.

With our Remote Access Tools, you can access your corporate data including documents, emails, calendar and contact items. In addition, depending on your configuration, you can gain remote access to your line of Business Applications using tools such as Microsoft Terminal Services and Citrix.

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Awarded: 2002
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Payment Terms
You can either sign up to our 30 day roll over support contract and take advantage of our Proactive IT Support Services or you can use our Pay As You Go M-Flex service, where we charge on a per incident level.

Whichever method you choose, we can take payment via wire transfer or Paypal though the ELance system.

For all PAYG services, you can pay once the job is complete in accordance with Elance payment agreements.

For 30 Day roll over contracts, payment is due at the end of the period, again through Elance payment channels and agreements.

Angela Varela
Panamerica Capital Group, Director
Design and Configuration of a Cloud Based Backup Solution for critical corporate date - See Press Release at
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