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About the Company

A boutique dev studio with silicon valley credentials, solving client problems by delivering effective web & mobile solutions.

As a team we have worked for venture funded startups and established businesses all over the western hemisphere, helping them architect and build consumer facing solutions and internal tools.

We enjoy being involved in building something from idea to end product. Our ideal client comes in with an idea for improvement and an end goal, is brimming with feedback allowing us to outline and deliver a solution [once in a while they also come in with an execution gone wrong and deadline looming but that has its own thrills].

Our work philosophy is open collaboration. Once you decide to work with us, we work together as one team. We make sure to know your requirements by heart, let you know when they can be delivered and then get going.

Read on to service description for our technical expertise and work philosophy. [recommended reading]
Service Description
On reading the above text a wonderful client (thanks Marie!), sent this list of couple of things we are NOT:

**“The much maligned Asian offshoring mega corp; with hundreds of people in dozens of departments, and 3 day response times.”
**“The traditional South Asian software house; with a slick salesman and communication poor developer.”
**“The over extended freelance developer eager to sign the project; promising the moon for a penny and then delivering a spherical rock in 4x the time at 10x the cost.”

I think the above words are quite apt for the kind of work we want to be involved in. Though we are based in Karachi we set ourselves upto higher standards. With a technical founding team that has worked in California and London and ongoing consulting engagements with fast growing startups our culture and communication style has a unique blend of relentless pursuit of perfection while focusing on the end goal.

We are known to pick up new technologies quickly, but it helps to know some by heart we are well versed in frontend [HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript] Backend: [PHP, Scala, Java, Node.js] DB: [MySQL, MongoDB]. We are also fond of Twitter Bootstrap for quick templating and wordpress for its extensibility.

We also love the challenge of making different web services talk to each other and harness value from connecting api of different services. We have worked with google analytics api, adwords api, facebook insights api, twitter api, api, sendgrid, mailgun, mailchimp, campaign monitor to name a few and built solutions that combine data and visualize easy to understand dashboards or otherwise use existing services to fast track development and add new features.

Being in a more economical location does allow us to pass cost benefits to our clients; but we are by no means trying to beat the lowest price, rather prefer to propose the ideal solution for the job and build a long term collaboration.

Thank you for reading. If you have any questions/ potential collaborations just send us a message or look us up online. We love discussing new ideas.
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Awarded: 2010
IBA Karachi
Year Founded
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Payment Terms
For projects less than 1000$ full escrow before we can start our work.

For projects greater than 1000$ Agreed Milestone based escrow payments.
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