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Marco Romero

3D Certified Professional Designer
  |   Caracas, Distrito Federal
  |  6:29 am Local Time


3D Designer, proficient in CAD design on AutoCAD since 1995, 3ds Max Certified 3D Professional Designer, Authorized Developer and Instructor by Autodesk. Visualizations produced at studio can significantly aid your marketing efforts, cut costs and help with getting your project, product or idea sold. The possibility to see things that don't exist yet is invaluable. We are known for the quality of our work, professional project management, and competitive pricing; also have the experience and knowledge, software and high end hardware of 2 workstations that allow to develop your order on record time.


Service Description
- 2D/3D CAD Drafting and Design.

- 3D Modeling, Mapping, Rigging, Motion Capture and Animation.

- Poser Pro 2014 / Poser Pro Game Dev / Daz 3D content creator.

- 3D Print models / figurines / Prototyping.

- OCULUS RIFT virtual reality content development.

- Virtual Reality / Tours & 360º Panoramas.

- Product Visualization.

- Stereoscopic images and animation.

- Architectural / Interior Design.

- 3D Architectural Interior / Exterior Visualization.

- 3D Architectural Animation, Flight-thru and Walkthrough.

- Photomontage / Video editing and compositing.

- Visual FX (Dreamscape, RealFlow, FumeFX).

- UNITY / UNREAL Assets content creator.

- Android / iOS video games.

- Autolisp, MaxScript, ActionScript, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, VRML.

I strive to provide the highest level of service. I will work with your specifications, content and desires to create the best product and deliver the highest level of service. I will customize both bids and service to the specific job and work diligently toward your desired goals.
3DS Max 2015 Certified Professional
Awarded: 2015
3DS Max 2014 Certified Professional
Awarded: 2014
3DS Max 2013 Certified Professional
Awarded: 2013
3Ds Max 2012 Certified Associate
Awarded: 2012
3ds Max 2012 Certified Professional SLD
Awarded: 2012
Autodesk 3Ds MAX Authorized Developer ID# DEVR5748
Awarded: 2016
3ds Max Certified Instructor Nº 1SF545449S
Awarded: 2009
3ds Max Certified Designer Nº 1JONRR6758
Awarded: 2009
3DS Max 2015 Certified Professional
- 2015
3DS Max 2014 Certified Professional
- 2014
3DS Max 2013 Certified Professional
- 2013
3Ds Max 2012 Certified Associate
- 2012
3ds Max 2012 Certified Professional SLD
- 2012
3ds Max Certified Instructor
- 2008
Autodesk 3ds Max Architecture
- 2008
Universidad Central de Venezuela
Architect, Architecture and Urbanism
1993 - 2000
Instituto Arts
3Ds Max Certified Professional Instructor
2009 - Present
3Ds Max Architecture Certified Professional Designer and Instructor by Autodesk®
CastilloMax Oil & Gas C.A.
3D Design team manager
2014 - 2014
3D Design team leader of "OPTIMAX" 3D Project (Version 1.0). Virtual Reality content development for the oil industry in the area of research and development for transport and storage of oil, gas and derivatives.
ArquiServ C.A.
CAD Designer
2009 - 2010
Architectural projects, interior design and civil works. 2D/3D AutoCAD building drawings development, 3Ds MAX virtual models, Renderings and animations for Architectural projects.
CAD Drafting and Design
2006 - 2008
Pipe Rack designs for Gas Extraction Plant project "Campo San Joaquin" (PDVSA).
Fundación Fondo Andrés Bello (FFAB)
"Fundación Fondo Andrés Bello" website
2004 - 2008
Digital Art Design, Multimedia Producer & Webmaster. Internet consultant.
Payment Terms
- Preference for fixed-price projects
- Half down payment and final payment after project completion.
- Once final payment is made all work becomes exclusive copyright of Client for full usage.
Samuel Turcotte
Zukor Interactive, President & CTO
Marco managed an important 3D modeling and animation project for me. Marco is by far the most talented, professional, creative and conscientious 3D modeler/animator that has ever done work for us. His skills are more than ten times better than any other digital professional I have ever known. Furthermore, he is super-nice, very personable and he truly cares about doing great work. Frankly speaking, Marco could walk into Pixar, ILM or EA and secure a senior-level seven figure salary (yes, seven figure) within minutes. He is simply the best.menos
Tony Sealy
Intense Animation Studio, Filmmaker | Creative Director | Technical Writer
Marco is a very talented and enthusiastic creative collaborator. Ive enjoyed working with him. He brings great enthusiasm and professionalism to his work. Marco understands very quickly the requirements of any project because he is very experienced and thorough. His working methodology produces great results and our clients are always happy with the fantastic work that Marco does for us.
Nickolay Lamm
Lammily, Founder/CEO at Lammily
Always high quality work and reliable!
Humberto Elias
Sodinsa, S.A., Business manager
Marco is an excellent worker, good co-worker, who cares about teamwork and focuses on results. It's a pretty creative person, something that is extremely important in the area that develops.
Abner Colmenares
Fundación Fondo Andrés Bello, President
Marco is a professional in the computing area, networking and digital media very creative, always willing to explore ideas that are presented and provide innovative solutions. His extensive knowledge of architecture and the city allows him to work harmoniously with the same professional language of architecture and urban design.
Roman Herrera
Fundación Fondo Andrés Bello, Planning Manager
I met Marco Antonio when he was my pupil at the School of Architecture of the Central University of Venezuela. Afterwards, we worked together at FFAB where he was hired as the web-master. As such he demonstrated a vary high level of expertise and good quality
Marco Romero | Elance

Marco Romero