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Web Solutions, Data Mining, Internet Marketing
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About the Company

Marvel Technologies provides comprehensive IT & ITES which mainly focus on Virtual Office, Digital Marketing and Web Solutions.

The range of our services is extremely extensive, encircling diverse business verticals and horizontal for Web Design, Web Development, Web Research, Market Research, Data Mining/Web Mining, Data Extraction, Data Collection, Database Management, SEO, PPC, SMM, Web Analytics, ORM and CRO.

We have been providing IT Solutions & IT Enabled Services for over 3 years, increasing our abilities to provide more efficiently and more broadly. The imminent, the skill and the capability gained more than the years permit us to provide guarantees of high worth, stretchy and speedier services at most sensible expenses.

Our attitude is to give out our customers with utmost efficiency and construct enduring relations based on faith.
Service Description
We provide the below services with excellent quality of our results:

Web Solutions:

Web Solutions build ups each website with an accepting of how to stimulate the caller, using your business advertising aims as the channel for deed.

The following are the web solution services:

Web Design:
Our prominence on the client interface plans puts us far-away from only being an online design business.

We consider that originality and usability are the two imperative features of any web unit. Our industry provides our customers with industry-centric put of online design.

Logo Design:
Marvel Technologies provides effectual Logo Design services for all kinds of industries. We are having more knowledge and aided hundred of business to start their products. At Marvel, we recognized the essential location a logo has in building product uniqueness and we are constantly excited to take up this confront as it carries out the top of originality from our squad.

Web Development:
Marvel is a champion at increasing routine online claims. Our collection ranges from victorious porches, e-Commerce websites, CMS and Web 2.0 applications and more. Our online application expansion services are marketplace centric and intended to give out the objectives of your commerce.

Our Virtual Office Services:
Our Virtual Package services permit our customers to realize and gather expensive information to develop considerably their business acumen. The information collected is succession and changed into arrangement of their option. We can contract with all kinds of folder arrangements, snaps/graphics, book, microfilms or more.

We provide the following online research / online data extraction and data mining solutions:
- Data Mining: Information extraction and display scrapping solutions to excel, or excel tables, csv files, etc.
- Web Search, address and email address search, mailing list search to search for contact details of the precise aim crowd.
- Tracking, pulling out, cropping records and rare data from a display or a mesh site
- Web research and creating database in Microsoft Office: Collecting information from websites to an Excel file or any structured database format
- Data Mining and Listing: Digging the online and building databases of aim websites and then gathering data from these sites.
- Online search and product research: To populate the list for your e-commerce websites / online stores
- Web Form Entry and Submission
- Online Research and Web Data Entry for updating your web stores
- Online Search and Listing- For e.g. digging web newspapers for the current pricing data, or pulling out and shortening information from web news resources.

We afford inclusive resolutions in market web research, database management and documentations management through the subsequent services:

Web Research:
Our online research services are intended to hold up different organization functions such as tactical scheduling, decision-making, advertising campaigns, public relations and endorsement, and data management in accumulation to documentations board.

We carry out a beginning analysis of your necessities to recognize the information construction. According to the difficulty we will put our effort on the way of attaining the raw information from results, in rows and columns arrangement and deliver them to excel or text files. We'll manually extract the information from the website.

Data Mining/Web Mining:
We propose data mining services to complete different information wants of varied business divisions across the world.

Data Extraction:
Through our data extracting services you can obtain insights on competitor?s do and client?s preferences take out better marketplace and merchandise research and enlarge considerably your company acumen.

Data Collection and Database Management:
We can gather information from descriptions, structures, microfilms, files, content files and numerous extra data designs and forms. The information composed can be placed in any ordered catalog of your selection.

Data Validation and Database Management:
We unsoiled, proper, de-duplicate and regulate your online/offline records quickly, assisting well-organized information storeroom and reclamation.

Mailing Lists Creation:
Employing our mailing lists creation solutions, you can construct personalized mailing lists from enormous files, doorways, network and lists, online or offline.

You can be guaranteed of precise, earlier and accurate web data research services. The effectiveness of your services depends on simpler and earlier recovery of exact, spotless and entire data.

Internet Marketing Services:

Internet Marketing is the skill of catching the attention of traffic to your website. With everyone receiving a web presence these now-a-days, the web connection is jumbled. To avoid your website from receiving misplaced in the mess you require to situation it cleverly. That's where we come in. We have the good knowledge in Web Marketing.

By using a collection of process like link building, conversion rate optimization, brand building, web analytics etc.., we raise exact traffic to your website which in roll increase your sales.

We provide the following Internet Marketing Services:

Search Engine Optimization:
At Marvel Technologies we have mastered the skill and knowledge of Search Engine Optimization. Our largely-trained team member combines the correct ways for you, to make your website to the high. We constant provide the choice of multi-lingual SEO solutions, so you can make a broader global viewer. The process starts with accepting your needs, examining your present website and identifies unique keywords for you and how you rank on those keywords.

Based on our broad depth analysis of your website, we present organized search engine optimization services for you.

Pay Per Click:
PPC campaign management is a detailed process which needs a huge amount of web research and analysis. It's imperative that we will provide organized PPC management solutions and will provide you the top most Return on Investment (ROI).

Social Media Marketing:
Blogs, social and online networks, forums, web communities, video and photo-sharing websites are a path for you to understand yourself heard. We help in all the ways to build positive brand reflection and combat any unhelpful views on the web.

Web Analytics:
At Marvel Technologies, we arrange monthly Search Engine Ranking information that sum ups the all actions for the customer, catalog the position and bond fame of your website. These information assist follow the development of your website above a stage of occasion, so you can observe for yourself how the development in positions has led to an augment in traffic.

Online Reputation Management:
At Marvel Technologies, we appreciate that status management is very vital and difficult to web success, which is why we present an authority web status management development solution.

Conversion Rate Optimization:
Receiving huge amounts of transfer to your website is large, but receiving huge amounts of renovations and earnings is system improved! That is mainly what renovation optimization is all about and we will exploit the quantity of your website guests that change to trades/leads. Our renovation optimization solutions can help increase your website conversion rate huge.

We will clutch out career for success of your business because we distinguish if our clients will be satisfied or budding, we will stay in business with them.
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Master of Computer Application
2005 - 2008
SNS College of Technology
Bachelor of Engineering
2004 - 2007
W Systems
2006 - 2008
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The Winn Group,
Marvel did a good job on cleaning our data file. We would recommend and we would use Marvel again in the future!
Richard Jackim
Marvel Tech did a great job. I gave them the names of 500 target companies and asked them to provide me with full contact information for the company including address, phone, name of the CEO, and the CEO's email address. They delivered exactly what I asked for on and within budget. I will definitely use them again.
Amr Elssamadisy
Gemba Systems, Founder
The work was great. They worked with me very patiently to get exactly what I wanted. Have used several times now. Great quality and very responsive.
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