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Mary Davis

Published Author & Professional Ghostwriter
   United States
  |   Cocoa, FL
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I am a published author and professional ghostwriter who is passionately dedicated to my craft and my clients! Clients consistently say, "...project came back earlier than promised and with great results!"

My book, THE ENTREPRENEURIAL MOM: MANAGING FOR SUCCESS IN YOUR HOME AND YOUR BUSINESS, has afforded me countless opportunities since it was published in 2007.

My novel, A LIFETIME OF FOREVER & ALWAYS, demonstrates versatility in my writing as I adeptly create characters; set scenes and craft plot lines!

I'm a perfectionist who strives for excellence and a seasoned interviewer with previous media training. My clients are guaranteed professional service, dependability and unparalleled creativity!

In addition to authoring my own books, I work full-time as a professional ghostwriter, writing dynamic books for my clients. I'm also a professional writers' coach and experienced literary consultant.

I'm active in various Writers' Guilds including SCWG.

Service Description

A TOP Elance writer and a true professional, Mary E. Davis, is the author of many published books, including "THE ENTREPRENEURIAL MOM: MANAGING FOR SUCCESS IN YOUR HOME AND YOUR BUSINESS" and A LIFETIME OF FOREVER & ALWAYS, along with dozens of ghost-written titles. She has over 22+ years experience in professional writing, editing, business and entrepreneurship.

Book available for viewing at:

Mary Davis is NOT a person who 'dabbles' as a writer in her spare time, or who sees her craft merely as a hobby. Mary is a full-time professional ghost writer with a top-notch work ethic!

In addition to being a published author, Mary has proven results in 'shopping' new projects, books and queries to traditional publishing houses, using the solid contacts and proven methods she has developed over the years. Experienced in lucrative contract negotiations, Mary gladly offers clients assistance in securing and negotiating publishing contracts.

Additionally, Mary is a professional writers' coach and an experienced literary consultant. Offering full-scale literary services, Mary can write your book on your behalf; teach YOU to successfully write your own books, instructing and guiding you every step of the way; or she can provide consulting and valuable critique on your completed manuscripts.

Mary's completed projects are always delivered promptly and often are delivered ahead of schedule! All materials are thoroughly fact-checked, edited and immediately ready for publisher review or publication upon delivery. Topic research and subject interviews are available to clients, as Mary places a heavy emphasis on creativity, originality and accuracy in her writing.

Mary is adept at capturing her subjects' unique 'voices' with her writing, greatly enhancing the overall quality of the books she writes. Mary's clients are always amazed at how well she 'sets scenes' when telling THEIR stories, as she is able to expertly convey the sights, sounds, tastes and smells that allow readers to place themselves within the pages of the book and share the world of the protagonist and the antagonist!

Mary's unique skills allow readers to be transported INTO the story and completely immersed within the books she writes! Mary feels that 'once the reader finally closes a book, he should still remember everything about it, craving to read more!'

While Mary is skilled at writing in a wide variety of genres, she has a personal passion for working with clients to commit their biographies and memoirs to print. Over the years, she has developed a successful method for interviewing clients and assisting them to remember events and details that fantastically enhance their personal stories, literally transporting readers into their one-of-a-kind stories with her expertly honed skills! Clients always find the interview process for these projects to be enjoyable and sometimes they even experience a catharsis while sharing events and memories!

Mary believes that 'everyone has a story and every story deserves to be told!' She takes her responsibility as a ghost writer very seriously and considers it an honor to commit her clients' stories to print for all eternity!

Mary believes that "what we do for our job is our CAREER, but what we are meant to do is our CALLING." In Mary's case, she feels fortunate and blessed that the two definitions merge perfectly allowing her to enjoy the best of both worlds!

Mary's goal is to 'give clients MORE than they expect' with every project! Her exemplary work ethic and professional services are her unique 'calling cards' that set her apart from others! Mary's stellar reputation within the industry has made her a much sought-after writer for more than two decades.

Clients can expect original and dynamic copy, unparalleled professionalism and steadfast dependability from Mary Davis EVERY TIME!


Professional research and writing available on any and all topics.

Books, articles, business plans, marketing materials, publisher queries, book proposals, sales letters, technical guides, systems manuals, operations manuals, human resource materials, fiction, non-fiction, biographies, memoirs and more!

Mary has a personal affinity for writing memoirs and biographies as it is such a unique and individualized process. Her motto is: "Everyone has a story! And every story deserves to be told!" No two biographies can be alike because no two people are alike and each one should be treated as importantly as the life that it chronicles!

Ghost writing freelance services provided at varying degrees, depending on clients' personal needs. Full-service interviewing, writing and formatting of clients' books OR proofing and editing clients' manuscripts for publisher review are available. Whatever phase a client's project may be in, Mary can polish and edit it, making it a marketable one-of-a-kind shining gem!

Complete discretion and privacy assured. Non-disclosure and non-compete contracts available to all clients. Clients may be assured of privacy both during and following completion of their projects.

Query letters, book proposals and marketing materials designed upon request following completion of books. Please inquire about these additional services that will assist in locating a suitable publisher for a completed book. Mary especially enjoys sharing in her clients' joy and excitement when their books are published and they see their own names printed on the covers!

Experienced in traditional publisher negotiations and contract review.

Professional experience in all areas of writing and editing! Regular progress updates on projects are provided to clients. Mary is readily available to her active clients during regular business hours. All messages are returned within 24-hours at most, excluding weekends or holidays.

Extensive business, public relations, media and entrepreneurial experience of over 22 years. Successful Florida business owner for over 22 years with experience in various industries.

Also skilled in motivational speaking and media relations at all levels.

2013 - Present
This is a fictional novel within the romance and suspense genres. The story shows Mary's skill in developing characters, setting scenes and formulating plot lines. Readers are quickly immersed within this modern-day story and drawn into it's endearing plot line, quickly proving Mary's skill and abilities within the literary industry!
" THE ENTREPRENEURIAL MOM: Managing for Success...
2007 - Present
Book written as a guide for women who desire to start and build their own business. Based on author's own business experience over two decades.
Payment Terms
Prefer clients to escrow funds with Elance as each Milestone progresses.

Retainer deposit requested upon proposal acceptance.

Specific terms may be outlined per freelance contract.

NDAs provided upon request and the utmost discretion, privacy and professionalism is guaranteed - both during AND following completion of projects!

If any client shall fail to make scheduled timely draw payments, then the subject project is delayed by the number of days equal to the delay caused by the client. If a client fails to respond to contact attempts for a period of 2 consecutive weeks, then his project shall be considered stagnant, Elance will be notified that work on the project has ceased and the project shall be deemed 'ended' based on the client's inaction.
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Mary Davis