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Sergey R.

Professional development and consulting services
  |   Khmelnitskiy, Khmel'nyts'ka Oblast'
  |  1:45 pm Local Time


I am a guru in web and desktop development.

I have a long track record of projects in web:
- development of websites from scratch;
- customizing existing web solutions (securing poorly written scripts, extending functionality of existing scripts, front-end redesign, CSS/JS bug fixes etc);
- implementing plugins and themes for popular CMS ( Wordpress, Drupal, ModX).

I am an expert in development for Windows OS:
- installers of any complexity;
- Windows services;
- parsers/scrapers;
- shell extensions;
- browser add-ons;
- network utilities etc

There are 4 rules I follow in my work:
1) I have used to do projects of high quality and my reputation is the most important thing to me;
2) I try to avoid conflicts with my clients;
3) If I bid a project, be sure I'll be able to do it within a specified time frame or faster;
4) I don't bid projects if I doubt or not confident
Service Description
Web development :
- development of PHP scripts from scratch and redesign of existing scripts. I use popular PHP frameworks (CodeIgniter, Yii);
- integration of client-side scripts (Javascript, jQuery);
- CSS customization, using Bootstrap;
- web security services. Securing existing PHP scripts, developing new secure and robust scripts, finding vulnerabilities in sites;
- removing malware from websites (specifically on WordPress), investigation of incidents and protection;
- MySQL database design; optimizing, setting up difficult SQL queries; backup of MySQL, database restoring, merging, replication and other similar solutions;
- customizing and development of themes and plugins for Wordpress and Drupal.

Desktop development (Windows OS):
- system programming. Development of windows services, system tools, automating different tasks for Windows platform;
- network programming for Windows (Windows Sockets, WinINET, WinHTTP);
- browser add-ons (Internet Explorer , Firefox and Chrome extensions, toolbars);
- the development of sophisticated custom installers (HTML based, NSIS);
- GUI using low memory consuming and extremely efficient windows libraries (WTL) on VC++;
- .NET development (C#);
- Delphi development : DBMS, custom components etc.

Consulting services:
- Web development;
- Desktop win32 development;
- Security (Cryptography, Vista security, UAC);
- Browser add-ans;
- Securing existing software against crackers;
- Implemenation of licensing to existing software;
- Database development;
- Optimization of existing code and scripts.
Payment Terms
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Sergey R. | Elance

Sergey R.