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Matej J.

Computer technician
   Croatia (Hrvatska)
  |   Zagreb, Grad Zagreb
  |  6:13 am Local Time



I'm communicative, eloquent and I'm familiar with PC engineering. I'm seeking for a job that will help me earn some extra money for my further education (college).

I'm familiar with PC, Microsoft operating systems (Windows XP, Windows 7), Microsoft Office programs, email etiquette, mobile phones (I use Android and Symbian based phones).

I always do my best to get the given work done.
Service Description
- Familiar with: Windows XP and Windows 7
- Familiar with: Microsoft Office (2003, 2007)
- Familiar with: Symbian and Android mobile OS
- Familiar with: email etiquette
- English language
- Communicative
- Independent
- Hard-working
- Computer technician
- Technical support agent for an Internet Service Provider
Ruer Boškovic's technical high school
Computer technician
2005 - 2010
Payment Terms
I'd like to get payed on time. I will bi satisfied with $100 - $800 monthly (depending on how much I work and what kind of job I'm working on; this value is not fixed). I prefer monthly and weekly payment.
Matej J. | Elance

Matej J.