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Matthew Shaw

Writer/Translator-A ready pen for good ideas
   United States
  |   Rockport, IN


If you are a writer, scholar, or business person who is struggling through the difficult task of writing or editing, then struggle no longer. I help professionals and non-professionals alike create works of excellence that fit their needs. My experience as a freelance writer spans a broad range of areas, including business copy, fiction, film, news media, blogging, and comic book script. Under my experienced hand, your documents will stand above the crowd, technically and artistically polished until they shine.

Also, in partnership with my wife, who is a native of Bogotá, Colombia, I translate Spanish or English documents, including letters, advertisements, and articles. Don't let a language barrier stop you. Let us tear it down so you can keep moving forward.
Service Description
My broad skills make me a valuable resource for my clients. Even if I haven't tried something before, adaptability is one of my strongest qualities, as can be seen in my varied experience. In addition, my extensive travel history and life experience make me a well informed and innovative writer who understands and appreciates diverse cultures and points of view.

My services:

--News writing (hard and soft)
--Creative Writing (fiction and non-fiction)
--Spanish/English Translating (in partnership with my wife, who is a native of Colombia)
--Academic Writing (I received a 4.0 in my undergrad studies)
--Screenwriting (film)

Writing Experience:

--Hard news articles on a regular basis (Christian Press, Journal Democrat)
--No Man Than This (a short story published in descant, the literary journal of Texas Christian University)
--Hero (commissioned adaptation of the film into graphic novel for Advent Film Group) (unpublished)
--ELEVENTH HOUR (screenplay commissioned by Submission Productions) (pending)
Production Blog for the film HERO, writing interviews, bios, and special interest pieces (discontinued)
Numerous pieces of advertising copy, website copy, and opinion articles

Job Experience:

Assistant Coordinator for Abstinence Education, Inc. (coaching/directing, editing scripts, coordinating
performances, acting, and recruiting) 1 yr
Reserve Fire Fighter/EMT, 5 yrs
Building maintenance at Central Christian College 2 yrs
Tree Trimming/Clearing for Shaw Tree Service (family business) 3 yrs
Set Medic for the film HERO 1 1/2 months
Grip for the film AYNA 2 months
Security Guard for Securitas at NCRA 6 months

Life Experience:

Lived in Doha, Qatar, 3 ˝ yrs; Monterrey, Mexico, 2 months
Traveled to Matlapa, Mexico; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Salzburg, Austria; London, England; Edinburgh, Scotland
President English Honor Society
Tutor to international students, including Japanese and Mexican
Hutchinson Community College
Central Christian College of Kansas
Bachelor's Degree in English
2004 - 2008
Payment Terms
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Matthew Shaw | Elance

Matthew Shaw