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Milos B.

Linux System Engineer
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I provide broad range of system administration services covering everything needed for classic, virtual & cloud environments. Services include: designing
scalable systems, installation, initial setup, reconfiguration, optimization, security hardening, monitoring, security auditing, server/website migrations.

With extensive background in Linux System Administration of over 10 years I've developed know-how, and experience-backed best practices for implementing and maintaining complex IT environments.

My employer portfolio features: Internet & hosting providers, hardware suppliers/service providers, and IT consulting outfits.

Proficient in English, both spoken and written.

Looking forward to new engineering projects and great cooperation!
Service Description
* RHEL/CentOS, Debian/Ubuntu, SUSE
* Web: Apache, nginx, Squid, memcached
* Mail: Sendmail, Postfix, Exim + Amavis, Clamav, SpamAssassin, Zimbra, Squirrel, RoundCube
* Monitoring: Nagios, OPSView
* VPN: OpenVPN
* File Sharing/Network File System: Samba/CIFS, NFS, FTP (ProFTPd, Vsftpd)
* Backup: rsync, BackupPC
* SAN: iSCSI, Multipath
* Network: Bonding, VLAN Tagging
* HA/Cluster: Percona xtraDB Cluster, MySQL MMM, RedHat Cluster Suite - LVS, Piranha, GFS2
Storage Clustering
* Databases: MySQL/Percona, Postgres, SQLite + MySQL Replication, MySQL settings tuning
* Security: iptables, TCPWrappers, PAM, SELinux, OSSec, Intrusion/Malware detection, system hardening
* HDD troubleshoting: LVM, SoftwareRAID, File System Troubleshooting, SMART, hdparm, iozone, bonnie++
* Virtualisation: KVM, Xen, VMware, VirtualBox
* Programming/Coding: Bash, Awk, Sed
* Middleware:, GlassFish, mod_jk, mod_proxy_ajp
* Control Panels: Virtualmin/Webmin, VestaCP, CPanel
* PCI DSS compliance, SSL certificate setup hardening
* Collaboration Suites/Ticketing Systems/Wiki: Atlassian Confluence, Cerberus, RT, Jira, Celoxis

Services include:

- Consulting services on hourly basis, or flat rate
- Backup services (writing backup scripts) to S3, FTP, SFTP, NFS/Samba, iSCSI...
Red Hat Inc.
Red Hat Certified Engineer
Awarded: 2010
Red Hat Inc.
Red Hat Certified Technician
Awarded: 2008
Red Hat Inc.
Red Hat Certified System Administrator
Awarded: 2008
Dell Inc.
Dell ESF 1 v4.0
Awarded: 2008
Faculty of Organizational Sciences
2004 - 2010
Electrical Engineering School "Nikola Tesla"
Computer technician
2000 - 2004
EUnet d.o.o.
System Administrator
2011 - 2013
Linux Server Administrator
2011 - 2011
List Solutions
System Administrator
2008 - 2010
Payment Terms
Fixed, hourly, retainer.
Dejan Matutinovic
Siemens d.o.o Belgrade, Sales Engineer
Troubleshooting EMC CX4-120 storage system problems, repair and reconfiguration
Milos B. | Elance

Milos B.