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Marko Spasojevic

3D Artwork & Graphics Design Studio
  |   Nis, serbia
  |  5:52 pm Local Time


Media4 is registered 3D Artwork and Graphics design studio from Serbia, Europe since 2004. We are team of 4 high skilled and experienced 2D/3D artists and designers, with excellent work ethics and great passion to our work. We are proven in steady ongoing projects in different areas of Computer Graphics Design with high quality standards and with ability to work with tight deadlines.

Two times national public contest winners for designing marketing materials and logo designs.
Outsourcing/freelancing projects as a subcontractors or contractors for major studios like Microsoft's Aces Game Studio, Microsoft's Virtual Earth, Flying Labs, ... From basic design projects till next generation 3d modeling.

We would be more than happy to answer any question You might have, send additional references, letters of recommendation and/or more samples of our work. We invite You to give us a chance to prove all said above and showcase our talents and our work ethics.
Service Description
We provide fully professional service in following steps:

Step 1.
Interview with client in order to determine full technical specs of project, or adopting to existing ones You might have.

Step 2.
Research and development in case u haven't done one. Trying to find best way to stand out of crowd, see how Your competition approached to similar projects and so on.

Step 3.
Creation of very basic concept(s), mock-up(s) or basic draft(s) of your project, new interview with You to determine are we on right track.

Step 4.
After interview and/or new directions/revision requests you might have in this step we will make 1st final version of Your project and send you for a review.

Step 5.
Once approved from You, we will do additional review on our own and try to see if we can do some more in area of small tweaks for emphasizing important elements of your project.
Contract work - 2D/3D artwork design
2009 - 2009
Complete developing of 3D models/ 3D animations and interface design for 3d iPhone game SpearGun Hunter 3D
Payment Terms
Escrow if possible, if not, 30% in advance, 70% after delivery.
For projects under US$200 100% after delivery.
For on-going projects or returning client, 10% discount
Evgeniy Semushin
Ecma Soft, Project Manager
Complete developing of 3D models/ 3D animations and interface design for 3d iPhone game SpearGun Hunter 3D
Marko Spasojevic | Elance

Marko Spasojevic