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Megan W.

Interactive Systems Consultant
   United States
  |   Austin, TX


Practical skills in taxonomy and metadata development, systems and needs analysis, evaluation, project planning and management, qualitative research, and strategic planning. Excellent team-building and management skills; exceptional public speaking and writing skills; ability to explain complex ideas to novices, both in writing and orally.

Technical Skills
- Web: XHTML, HTML5, CSS, XML, XSLT, RDFa, Microformats
- Office: Word, Excel, SQL (Database design and implementation)

Subject expertise in the taxonomy development for non-text materials (sound, images, video, multimedia); strategic thinking for content-centric industries such as archives, museums, libraries, and publishers; professional background in and knowledge of educational technology.
Service Description
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Doctorate of Philosophy
2003 - 2006
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Master of Science in Information Science
1996 - 1999
The University of Virginia
Master of Arts
- 1993
University of Georgia
Bachelor of Arts
- 1990
University of Texas at Austin
Assistant Professor
2006 - Present
Teach classes in web development and design, taxonomy and metadata management, digital curation, digital preservation, and new media collection development. Research areas in digital preservation of complex media (like videogames), new media strategies for content-centric institutions, and user generated content (including fan culture and crowdsourcing) Research Design & Project Management: Funding: Researched and identified federal, state and local funding sources for research projects, developed proposals to obtain grant funding. Raised approximately $300,000 in state and federal grants. Created budgets, timelines, and accounting reports for funding agencies. Research Design: Designed research tools and selected appropriate methodologies that would unite personal strengths and interests with research goals. Hired and trained student workers, managed their progress, and conducted constant reassessment and update of research design in terms of practical considerations. Managed timelines and budgets to complete my largest grant (IMLS Early Career) on time and under budget. Qualitative Research: Acted a liaison with Institutional Review Board, developed interview protocols and scripts, identified relevant user communities and negotiated participation among users and institutional stakeholders, conducted interviews with individuals and small groups, performed content analysis on the resulting interview data. Written & Oral Comunication: Teaching: Designed, delivered and constantly updated classes. Classes taught: strategies for new media, digital curation, organization of information, taxonomy development. Delivered lectures to over 1000 students, planned and managed skill-based labs, supervised student projects; generated and led discussion and facilitated team-building within the classroom. Scholarly Communication: Communicated research findings to academic and professional audiences. Analyzed complex research data and translated it into valuable knowledge for the scholarly and professional communities. Presented research at national and international conferences, participated in panels with other experts, conducted workshops with colleagues to extend project scope and ensure widespread dissemination of findings. Community Outreach: Assessed the practical application of research through relationships with industry; formed partnerships with local and national institutions for student placement as well as to generate research partnerships.
Texas Archive of the Moving Image
Social Media Consultant
2011 - 2011
Research Design & Project Management: With input from various stakeholders within the organization, developed taxonomy to guide the generation of tweets, Facebook updates and Tumblr feeds and hence to improve the organizationís social media campaign. Focus Groups: Conducted focus groups with internal and external stakeholders to identify general organizational aspirations, social media goals, current practice, and perceived strengths and weaknesses of current strategy. Strategic Analysis: Conducted analyses of general best practices in social media, and examined the social media strategies of peer cultural heritage institutions: surveyed format, method, content, and periodicity of social media output. Quantitative Assessment: Examined the organizationís Google Analytics data to assess the methods by which users arrive at the site. Written & Oral Communication: Report Generation: Documentation of taxonomy to guide the generation of tweets, Facebook updates and Tumblr feeds to improve organizational communication.
Kirkus Media
Taxonomy Design Consultant
2010 - 2011
Kirkus Media: - Research Design & Project Management: Performed secondary analysis of existing recommendation systems for books, music, movies. Assessed strengths and weaknesses of different methods of creating recommender systems, with strategic view towards what the client organization could accomplish given its current financial, infrastructure, and personnel resources. - Quantitative Research: Needs analysis and development of surveys and other data collection tools, conducted statistical analysis on demographic, marketing, social and use data. Communicated and translated statistical findings for clients and audiencesí - Written and Oral Communication: Report Generation: Two reports: 1) Assessment of existing recommendation systems as regards Kirkusí existing system; and 2) Taxonomy documentation / Influence: Met with organization CIO and COO regarding goals and outcomes for the project. Argued for the necessity of implementing change.
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Megan W. | Elance

Megan W.