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Mary Graybeal

Math-Intensive Writing/Editing & Data Analysis
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Over 100 projects completed on Elance (primarily in the Writing & Editing area) with excellent client evaluations. I offer writing and editing services, particularly academic and quantitative, and analysis in statistical and operations research areas. I am competent in the R and C++ languages.


I combine graduate level mathematical knowledge with excellent writing skills. I have a Ph.D. in Decision Sciences and an MBA. Awarded graduate and undergraduate degrees in English literature and worked as an editor of technical materials. I specialize in academic writing and editing, particularly for mathematical and statistical subjects. I'm consistently ranked in the top 0.1% in the academic writing and the editing/proofreading categories.


Proficient in R and C++. Extensive classroom and work experience performing various types of quantitative analysis.
Service Description
My educational and employment background has given me significant verbal and quantitative skills, and I employ both in my consulting business.


I specialize in editing of academic materials--theses, dissertations, and papers aimed at peer-reviewed journals. My background in mathematics and related business disciplines (i.e., finance) has given me extensive knowledge in these areas. In graduate mathematics coursework, I hold the equivalents of masters' degrees in operations research and statistics. As an analyst with the Defense Logistics Agency's Department of Operations Research and Resource Analysis, I analyzed issues of interest in supply logistics. As such, I presented complex information to upper echelons through presentation and written report.

My writing background and skills have given me the ability to present mathematical material so that it is understandable. I can communicate the concepts underlying the mathematics effectively and clearly.

My writing style is economical; I tend to write in the fewest number of words possible. For instance, rather than "a future that extends well beyond the participation of the CHC in the consortium," I'd say "a future extending well beyond the CHC's consortium participation."

I can edit nonacademic nonfiction materials too, of course.

I could not edit effectively were I not a solid writer. I've been published in peer-reviewed academic journals and in popular periodicals, particularly horse-related ones. I can write about anything I can understand.

My formal training in writing began with a wonderful teacher of high school basic composition. Undergraduate (Randolph-Macon Woman's College, 1976) and graduate (University of Virginia, 1979) degrees in English literature entailed more writing and exposure to the greatest writers the world has seen.

A stint as an editor of technical materials with Virginia Electric & Power Company's Power Training Services Dept. further developed my writing abilities. As chief editor, I edited over 50 training modules ranging in size from 50 to 200+ pages on subjects relevant to power station mechanic and electrician job performance.

I also set up and then coordinated the production process for PTS's training modules. This process involved 5 functions (writer, editor, illustrator, technical advisor, and word processor) and 42 people. I designed a module-tracking system and wrote a small program in SAS so that a training module's location was always knowable.


I'm a proficient user of the R language and can perform statistical and optimization analysis in it and in C++. An example of a project I did when I worked for the Department of Defense involved multivariate logistic regression. An authority relatively far up the chain of command would initiate a special project, a one-time program. At some later time, possibly months or even years later, materials for this special program would be requisitioned. The forecasting function of the Defense Logistic Agency (DLA) did not want these one-time special project requirements (SPRs) included in its forecasts for requirements. However, the lower-echelon personnel who requisitioned SPR materials typically did not know these were SPR materials and so didn't designate them as such on their requisition forms.

The misidentification of SPR materials was a source of concern for DLA. Failing to identify requisitioned materials as SPRs would inflate future forecasts as DLA would include them in forecast calculations, thus tying up capital in materials for which there would be no demand. Mistakenly identifying materials as SPR, however, could cause shortages by causing future forecasts to be underestimated.

I employed correctly identified SPR requisitions to train a logistic regression model and achieved estimates as to amounts of misclassified materials and their associated costs in dollars and availability of materials.

I truly love optimization, but I excel as statistics, especially Bayesian analysis and multivariate methods (cluster, factor, principal components, logistic regression, and multiple regression analyses).

Thank you for considering me for your projects.

Mary Graybeal, M.A., MBA, Ph.D.
Virginia Commonwealth University
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)
- 1997
Virginia Commonwealth University
Masters in Business Administration (MBA)
- 1988
University of Virginia
Master of Arts (M.A.)
- 1979
Randolph-Macon Woman's College
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
- 1976
Gypsy Horse Association
Public Relations Coordinator
2008 - Present
As Public Relations Coordinator for the Gypsy Horse Association, I write GHA affiliate news column for the monthly publication Equine Journal. I started and currently maintain GHA's two Facebook pages. Since October 2009, average weekly unique views of GHA's primary Facebook page has grown to 12,000/week. I publish GHA's monthly newsletter through Constant Contact. Not only does the newsletter describe member activities but it also contains articles of general interest to Gypsy Horse owners. Finally I have recently been selected to be webmaster of the Gypsy Horse Association's web site, which can be found at
Manager - Family Farm
2001 - Present
Inherited family farm in 2001 and managed it until its sale in 2006. Now manage a small farm and horse breeding operation.
Christopher Newport University
Assistant Professor
2001 - 2002
Taught classes on Operations Management and Enterprise Resource Planning,
DLA Dept. Operations Research & Resource Analysis
Operations Research Analyst
1998 - 2001
Performed various quantitative analyses for the Defense Logistic Agency's Department of Resource Analysis & Operations Resource. Some noteworthy achievements: • A worrisome problem within the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) was misclassified Special Program Requirements (SPRs). A one-time “special program” would be initiated by upper level management. Since this was a one-time event, materiel used in it (Special Program Requirements) was not to be entered in forecast calculations for future requirements. When this materiel was actually requested, sometimes years later, the lower echelon supply personnel doing so did not know that it was an SPR and so classified it such that it was included in forecasting calculations. I employed a logistic regression and parameterized it using correctly classified SPRs. When I used the model to attempt to identify misclassified SPRs, I was able to estimate two costs associated with the problem. First, if an SPR was misclassified as a non-SPR, the capital tied up in inventory due to the resulting inflated forecasts was the cost of misclassified SPRs. Two, if materiel not an SPR was classified as such, forecasts would be underestimated and shortfalls could occur. • Also while at DORRA, a new U.S. Navy depot was set up in Yokosuka, Japan. I optimized the forecasting accuracy through appropriate model selection for important items stocked at there. Cited by Team Leader as displaying “exceptional creativity in problem analysis.”
Virginia Commonwealth University
1992 - 1994
Taught business mathematics courses while a graduate student at VCU.
Virginia Electric & Power Company
1980 - 1984
I worked in the Management Information Systems Dept. as a writer of technical manuals. I was then promoted to the Power Training Services Dept. as editor of VEPCO's power station mechanic and electrician training programs. I was also tasked with coordinating the production process for the modules within the power station mechanic and electrician training programs. Employing systems analysis techniques, I redesigned the production process to achieve significant savings in time and effort. I also wrote a module-tracking system so that location of training modules in the process was readily available to all participants.
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Mary Graybeal