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Melvin M.

Software Developer
   Costa Rica
San Jose
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• 12 + years of experience in analysis, design and development of client/server, web based and n-tier application. Expert in developing windows applications, web applications, windows servicesand web services in Microsoft Visual Studio .Net IDE using C# , VB.NET,ASP.NET, ADO.NET, EF, Linq, design patterns and SQL Server.

•Proficient in Web Services, SOAP, XML, XSL, XSLT, Xpath, XSL-FO, XPointer, DTD, XMLSchema, CSS, DOM, HTML, AJAX and JavaScript.

•Created deployment packages for Applications using Visual studio.Net Startup Project, whichinvolves creating native image of an assembly, installing an assembly in Global assembly cache(GAC)

•Worked extensively with Data Adapter, Dataset, Data reader as a part of ADO.NET to access andupdate database.

•Extensive experience in SQL Server Database design, Database maintenance, developing T-SQLqueries, stored procedures, and triggers using SQL Server.

•Good working knowledge with designer tools such as Microsoft Visio.
Service Description
Custom Application Development:

Tailor-made application development ensures unique systems that meet the client’s specifications in a customized way. It is a completely original tool that only fits inside its organizational environment.

I ensure that the Software generates added-value to the organizations, so I therefore follow a design and development process that goes from the initial concept, up to the implementation, orienting the client towards the real needs to maximize and automate the processes.

With the use of agile development methodologies, I build software solutions on record time, with high quality and robustness.

More about custom-made software development


It is a software systems that is built in conjunction with the client and developer. Exclusively for those who need them; meets all requirements of your own business and fully adapts with the organizational environment.


•It is a unique and exclusive system for the company, which owns the software’s proprietary rights.
•Automates very characteristic situations or processes inherent to the organizations.
•A software developed to adapt to the specifications of a contracting company

Software Factory:

This is a concept in the development and maintenance of the computer systems that is based on the industrial production of software applications. These are technology services provided to a client oriented to new developments or maintenance of existing applications.

Throughout this service the construction of projects, pieces of software and modules is provided, guaranteeing reduced deadlines, quality assurance and documented processes, in such a way that the client manages and controls the thread of the project and its processes.

Applications Maintenance:

I offer preventive, corrective and evolutive software maintenance service developed in-house or by third parties.

We are aware that the companies wish to maintain their computer systems properly functioning, to the changing environment of time and technology advancement. If the organization evolves then its platforms will have to do it too.

The competitive companies are willing to focus their effort on their activity and not in maintaining their software (especially when they do not have qualified staff or inherent departments for this purpose). Due to this, I designed an Applications Support service that includes:

•Preventive Maintenance: evaluation and detection of potential failures to solve them in time.
•Corrective Maintenance: Error corrections or improvement on the performance of applications.
•Evolutionary Maintenance: add functions to the existing system or enable it to communicate with other applications or devices.
•Migrations or changes on technological platforms.
Development for mobile devices:

Each time more users use mobile devices and its use will continue increasing. These devices provide more possibilities to interconnect with the world, with its additional advantages of size and portability. I am a developer of mobile solutions on the most popular platforms, such as Android, iPhone & iPad, y Windows Phone.


The value of software testing is priceless for an organization’s performance. Weaknesses of computer systems can cause severe damage to competitiveness, missed business opportunities, unsatisfied clients and impair your company´s image.

My Testing service is highly-customized and meeting your needs to help you get:

- A stable and good quality product
- A more cost-effective software with lower maintenance cost.


The different software tests guarantee a delivery to production of an application with a least number of faults, thereby increasing reliability and user satisfaction.

•Functional Testing
•Regression Testing
•Compatibility Testing
•Performance Testing
•Stress Testing
•Code Units Testing
•White Box Testing
•Usability Testing
Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist
Awarded: 2008
Microsoft Certified Application Developer
Awarded: 2006
Microsoft Certified Solution Developer
Awarded: 2006
Microsoft Certified Professional
Awarded: 2005
Microsoft Certified Partner
Awarded: 2009
Master in computer science
Balata Inc
Software Development Services
2012 - Present
Software development servicesr using Microsoft technologies: C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server, MVC.
Payment Terms
I request a deposit of 50% of the quoted cost during project startup and the remaining 50% due upon final completion which follows a review of the project by the client.
Melvin M. | Elance

Melvin M.