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Last Sign-in: Apr 24, 2014


Ruby on Rails and iOS/Android development
  |   Kazan, Tatarstan
  |  2:13 pm Local Time

About the Company

We are small team of experienced developers. Our expertise includes Ruby on Rails, iOS (Objective C), Android (JAVA), HTML5, CSS, jQuery. We love automated testing and TDD/BDD methodologies.
Service Description
We build great web applications. Code quality and performance is crucial for us. We use Skype for communication, Basecamp for project collaboration, GitHub for version control. We use the following technologies in our work:

* Ruby on Rails
* RSpec, Cucumber
* MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, redis
* Amazon Web Services, Linode, Heroku
* HTML5, CSS, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
Prefer pay by hour basis, but open to a fixed price projects
Danny Robles
Vemma Nutrition Company, Web Strategy Director
MetaStudio has far exceeded our expectations, always thinking about the user and integrity of the over all design. They work great under tight deadlines and we couldn't have accomplished our vision without them.
Ovi Demetrian
Indie Aisle, Founder
The guys at MetaStudio make collaborating on a project simple and efficient. They communicate well and their development skills are top notch.
MetaStudio | Elance