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Trisha L.

Creative Edits, Word Polishing, all under deadline
   United States
  |   Brandon, VT


I am an intuitive editor and creative writer and ghost writer, able to give the project or novel you want to create YOUR voice; able to flesh out the ideas you have been toying with into a flowing story.

I have an extensive work history in the Marketing Department of a Johnson and Johnson company and am efficient in all Microsoft Office products and all Administrative functions.

I prefer to work on sci-fi, fantasy, historical works, animal themes, and family biographies. I won't do any hard sell - hard SEO work, as I think it is junk work, and won't give my customers what they really want anyway. Again - for all you who offer me jobs in stuff I say I won't do - read this when you are deciding to invite me. I will NOT do S - E - O work. Also, unless you are an established customer of mine, I won't do small article work either. I added this since so many are inviting to do junk ad work for their website .... knock it off, eh?

That said - I love my work !
Service Description
Why did I put Negotiations in my skills list?
In order to understand your vision of your writing or assistant project, if I demonstrate my skill in understanding and coming to win/win solutions, I can show that I will fully take your concerns and visions into account as I work on your project. I am doing both creative writing and higher administrative projects - but only these two as I have extensive experience in both these areas.

For Editing: I will go over your work and give you clear input on the style and quality - while I correct for grammar. I can help you re-word and polish areas that are not working well. My bids usually combine developmental and copy/line editing in one - why pay more than one person when I am going to be going over your work slowly can handle both aspects of editing - until recently it was expected, now I see so many touting developmental editing that I felt I had to say I do both at the same time. Don't get caught up in the latest fad to suck your money - get a good editor so your manuscript is the best it can be at an affordable price.

For Writing: You give me your idea, your family history, your vision.

I will take that and turn it into a wonderful book.

Simple - easy - and you will work with me at each stage to mold the draft into the final product that you want.

Formatting ebooks and print on demand - I have invested in special software so I can give even more one-stop services to my clients. I am actually finding this a fun portion of my work. This means that once your story is finished, I can make it look good as an ebook.

I also can turn your book into a very impressive paperback by using createspace and it will go up for sale nationally or globally when we are finished. You will have to provide me with cover art and I can do the rest for you.

For Admin Projects: I will give you error free and before deadline work of a quality and service that the biggest Fortune 500 companies expect from their 6 figure admins - and I can do that, because I was in that position.
Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Sociology with minor in Political Science
U Mass at Dartmouth
Micro Biology / Cell Biology
2001 - 2003
Mentor Connector - non-profit company
Program Director/Office manager
2007 - Present
Mitek a Johnson and Johnson Company
Marketing Coodinator / Executive Assistant
2002 - 2007
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Trisha L. | Elance

Trisha L.