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Ivan S.

PHP/MYSQL/OOP ZEND Framework Developer/CI/Kohana
  |   Donetsk, Donetsk
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I'm developing complex web-applications with Python and Django. I also have great experience in front-end: HTML, CSS (and LessCSS/Stylus too), Javascript (and CoffeeScript) and PHP Zend framework, MongoDB, Elasticsearch.

Also I can do scraper/crawler of any complexy with Python/Node.js (on JS-only sites too).
Service Description
Software should not be created in order to create software. Software should not be created just for business needs. Software should be for humans.

If your employees (or yourself) do not get satisfactions from using your application, or worse ? they have difficulties with your application ? they will not use it. They will try to find any way not to work with application. Maybe, your application could almost everything. But, if users don?t like it ? they will do everything to make the program guilty. And they will be right.

How many times did you try to configure Remote Desktop for remote access? And how many times did you have questions or problems with TeamViewer? Could you configure VoIP? And how many times do you have questions or problems with Skype? Software like TeamViewer and Skype has their own secret ? simplicity. User should not know any technical details. User should not be computer professional. User should be just user.

Perfect software: one screen, one button. ?Do it?. And all. Options? Develop your application so that they will not be required. Error? Choose the way, when it could not appear. And if it has occurred ? don?t say user, that he is stupid. Your application is stupid. It?s better to describe, what happens, what user should do to fix this situation, and how do not see this error in the future. Well commented code? If your code needs comments ? rewrite your code.

This is idealism. This is mostly unreachable. But we should seek for it.

Donetsk National University
2001 - 2007
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Ivan S.