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About the Company

Looking for an elearning solution?

Over the last 5 years eLearning technologies has evolved rapidly and revolutionized this domain. It has resulted in more collaborative efforts towards making learning an enjoyable disposition. However, right approach is crucial towards developing an engaging and enjoyable eLearning environment. We specialize in eLearning design & delivery with a commitment to provide our customers with sustainable, cost-effective solutions.

We are committed to the elearning community we serve. As such you should know your support of us through projects allows us to:

* build an ongoing web-development and course design internship program through our local community colleges.
* all staff are required to contribute through plugins, themes, or other means to the Moodle community.

Thank you for allowing us to build a brighter future for elearning.
Service Description
We specialize in eLearning design & delivery with a commitment to provide our customers with sustainable, cost-effective solutions.

We strongly believe in transfer of tools, technology and skills as a long term solution, so that you could manage your content at your own and re-use it for different purposes.

Customer requirements:
Planning the right eLearning approach
Adapting to eLearning technology
Instructional design/content development
Rapid eLearning solutions
Custom eLearning solutions
Choosing the right tools for LMS, LCMS, Authoring and CMS
Library management system
School management system
Good practice for subtle learning mechanisms
All round support

Based on your requirements, we can help you built the eLearning environment best suited to your needs. With our vast experience in this domain and aid of strategy tools and technology mapped to your needs/expectations, we can help you achieve desired results in a time bound frame. Whether you are an organization planning to introduce new products to your employees (for knowledge building) or a competition driven educational institute, we can plan, customize, develop and implement the right eLearning scenario to help you achieve your goals.

You have resources and you have targets, but still not able to achieve the expected results-you need to review your strategy. We can help you in refining your strategy to bridge the gap between results and expected results. We would work out optimal utilization of available resources, develop strategy to achieve that and implement major/minor changes in tools and technology with a view to deliver best suited and cost-effective solution that would actually give you results as expected.

We have worked with a number of state-of-art authoring tools and eLearning technologies for our satisfied clients and have gained a lot of experience necessary to differentiate between better and the best. Unless you choose the right tool for the job, perfection cannot be achieved. At Vidya Mantra, we understand your requirements to suggest the right tool for the job, maintaining efficiency and cost-effectiveness go hand-in-hand.

We are experts in implementing LMS (Learning Management System), LCMS (Learning and Content Management Systems), CMS (Content Management System), and industry standard authoring tools such as Adobe eLearning suite and Articulate.

We can help you achieve all-round eLearning. Once we have recognized resources (available tools and technology), strategy and destination (expected results); we can plan and implement the eLearning mechanism for you that would boost the learning for targetted audience in multiple ways.

Our consultancy services include:
Conceptualization of right eLearning approach as per your organizational objectives
Refining your eLearning environment and approach
Selecting the right LMS, LCMS & authoring tools.
Implementing an all-round eLearning environment.
Stimulating eLearning adaption
Promoting and marketing e-learning
Virtual classroom solutions.

Ready to use (Rapid) solutions are not always enough, especially when you are planning for long-term eLearning goals. Moreover, every organization is unique in it-self and has its own criteria/goals for setting up eLearning. Our team has experience in delivering engaging learning and assessment environment. We offer full range of eLearning content development services including design, writing and editing, motion graphics, 3D animation and much more. However, without your collaboration our team cannot deliver at par with your expectations. To achieve best and achieve it fast, we engage in complete collaboration with you (the client) with a goal to involve everyone to understand, contribute and participate in the development.

With your partnership and feedback mechanism, we can develop and implement the right solution meeting with your organizationís objectives.

Our approach to work:
Complete collaboration from both sides so that we could understand your requirements/goals better.
Complete understanding of learning objectives and targeted learners.
Understanding the nature of content required (Flash, HTML or LMS driven content) and its use for different aspects of learning.
Choosing the right learning approach
Choosing the right delivery format and medium

Rapid eLearning focuses on producing engaging eLearning environment quickly to meet urgent eLearning goals like training and compliance e-learning. There is a common notion that Rapid eLearning is passive presentation rather being a training activity with assessment, workshops and user collaboration. With integration of rapid eLearning content and assessment, with LMS system your Rapid eLearning becomes 100% complete offering a self-paced learning environment with user collaboration via forums, wiki and chat. We are experts at delivering rapid eLearning solutions using various state-of-the-art authoring tools like Articulate, Captivate, Atlantic link and Lectora to deliver engaging eLearning projects normally within one or two weeks of time.

Our rapid eLearning services include:
Content development or instructional design.
Content integration in existing or new LMS, LCMS portal.
SCORM/GIFT content packaging for different LMS solutions.
Simulation based training and assessment modules with rich media and user interactivity.
Content conversion between various LCMS platforms.

Passive text guides/manuals are boring enough to read. However, if a self-paced simulation with user interactivity replaces these bulky manuals, results are astonishing. It promotes a quick learning curve with internalization of every aspect involved in the learning.

We deliver such real application/software simulation that can be used for class-room training, self-paced one-to-one training and web training using SaaS model. We have developed training modules and product demonstrations for our corporate clients. Assessment modules follow the training, to achieve the learning goals and measure the effectiveness of the training. We can integrate the training and assessment modules within your web-portal for easy accessibility.

As penetration of mobile technologies is seeking deep roots in our world economy; the mobile learning is also flourishing as a very viable anytime-anywhere solution. This can be truly achieved by mapping our learning activities and resources optimally to various mobile platforms. We have already ported our solutions to Android and IOS platforms. We are constantly working towards making our solutions for mobile, far more reachable and better interactive for every conceivable mobile platform.

Some mLearning myth busters:
There are no consistent standards for mobile learning.
HTML-5 and other web2.0 standards are mobile friendly.
Mobile devices are distraction.
With proper design and implementation (focusing on content and cultural change), we can develop distraction free mLearning.
Learning is scattered.
Rather, we say it becomes collaborative and more personalized at the same time.
Educations and entertainment are poles apart.
We speak differently and promote edutainment (perfect blend of education with entertainment through innovative strategy and creative designs).
Itís a complex process
Not at all. To tread fast on mLearning you need three basic setups
Social media account
Mobile versions of VLE (Virtual Learning Environment)
Messaging setup.
To develop the mLearning for you, our approach:
Chalk out mobile learning vision
Discover targeted stake holders and their requirements
Once you are agreed on scope, form a core team including key members from your side and our team.
Create beta content for learners and key players. Receive feedback.
Gain feedback; improve the solution by carrying out successive iterations.
Once the product is ready, roll out for wider group.
Oklahoma State University
Doctor of Education
Columbia International University
- 1999
University of South Carolina
Bachelors in Economics
- 1994
Northwest Georgia Fire Chiefs Assocation
2012 - Present
Provide development and delivery of online courses for member organizations.
Mitchell Community College
Course Development and Delivery
2012 - Present
Provided course development and delivery utilizing Moodle system for statewide delivery program.
Fairleigh Dickinson University
Professor (online)
2008 - Present
Provide delivery and development on online courses using the Blackboard learning management system.
American Public University System
Professor (online)
2007 - Present
Provide online course delivery and development for both undergraduate and graduate courses. Also facilitated faculty development for migration to Sakai learning platform.
Ivy Bridge College/ Tiffin University
Instructional Systems Designer
2011 - 2012
Provided course development services for Homeland Security program utilizing the full ADDIE model.
Grand Canyon University
Professor (online)
2008 - 2012
Provided online delivery and development of online courses across multiple disciplines.
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
Will begin work once Escrow has been funded and payment is to be released upon project completion.

Consult calls for projects are charged on an hourly rate basis if required.
Denise Pazur
Point de Vue Communications, Inc., Principal
Joshua Smith
Mitchell Community College, Program Director
Jared Harris
Northwest Georgia Fire Chiefs Association, Coordinator
John Mahoy
Ivy Bridge College/ Tiffin University, Program Chair
Mary Rippel
All About Learning Press, Inc, Owner
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