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About the Company

Our team comes from a significant background in the media, marketing, advertising and entertainment industry. We specialize in helping clients develop branding initiatives, naming protocols, national caliber ad copy, web marketing materials, multimedia scripts, press releases, feature articles and promotional books. We helped pioneer the new content-driven approach to internet marketing and can help any client more effectively brand their product and/or company identity. This approach helps exponentially build both name recognition and page rank. Our services include the development of strategic press campaigns, web optimization, media production, media coaching, ghost writing, promotional photography, media prep, media training and help with bookings on radio and TV talkshows.
Service Description
Michael David McGuire has been in the media and entertainment business for over 40 years working as a journalist, TV reporter, TV and film actor, script writer, director, producer, commercial talent, strategic web designer, talk show host, media coach and brand development expert. Based in Los Angeles and New York, Mr. McGuire leads a team of other top professionals skilled in helping clients address any media, promotions, public relations, marketing and/or branding need. Our client success rate is spectacular and is based on development of an overall strategic approach to a client's media and marketing goals... which delivers far superior, more cost-effective results than the piecemeal approach often used by those less familiar with national promotions and branding issues. Our success metric in these online platforms is over $1M.

Worldwide Reach - Mr. McGuire's wide reach has covered projects and work in more than 800 separate markets across North America and Europe... with an expanding client base in Australia, South America, Asia and Africa.

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Payment terms will vary depending on specific project.

Our goal is 100% satisfaction and we will work closely with all clients to accomplish that goal. Turnaround time will be dependant on the extent of any given project and specific client needs. Rush projects can be delivered in as little as 24 to 72 hours.
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