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Millennium Design Group, Inc.

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About the Company

a.k.a. 'CartoonBob'... 30 years international experience, with over TEN YEARS with Elance. TOP REVIEWS. We offer world class cartooning, illustration, graphic design work, art direction, marketing, superior layout and design, photography, retouching, copywriting and editing, and front end web graphics. Bob (a.k.a. 'CartoonBob') is also principal of Millennium Design Group, Inc. of New York City.

We offer our valuable creative / conceptual / promotional thinking combined with graphics to help our clients look their absolute best. Hire us and tap our proven ability and experience to help you sell your product or service.

We're very selective in what we bid on and limit our proposals to those for whom we can do excellent work for. Our many clients reap the benefit of our commitment to excellence... and always come back for more.
Service Description
We're a lean, nonfat, creative, design studio without the high prices and red tape. Our work is worth a look. Just click on the View Portfolio link to see for yourself.

Robert (Bob) DAmico, our senior designer and principal, has a proven track record of over 30 solid years of experience in New York City as an art director, creative director, graphic designer and illustrator / cartoonist for corporations of all sizes. Bob also worked for a few years doing graphics and package design work in both New Zealand and London, England.

Bob has developed creative graphics for print and web advertising, sales promotion, packaging and collateral pieces for just about every industry, food, fashion, financial services, real estate, health & fitness, cosmetics, magazines, hardware, windows, transportation services, computer software, health care, manufacturing, ad specialties, paint, restaurants, catering, security monitoring systems, publishing, and more.

All primary design work for our clients is created by Bob, with the aid of a very knowledgeable and gifted assistant art director and accounts manager. When needed, we also have several long time affiliates who are all experienced professionals, each with their own style and area of expertise. They work for us on a per project basis only when needed. This allows us to pick just the right writer, photographer, etc. for your job. And, it saves you money.

Be assured that you'll always be working with our top level because that's the only level we have.


CONCEPTUAL/VISUAL THINKING: The dictionary definition of a concept says: something formed in the mind; a thought or notion. We think things up for you. Good things. Promotional things. Creative things. VISUALS or just good approaches and ideas for which you may not even think to ask. We offer our creative conceptual thinking to help our clients look their absolute best. This helps our clients sell more products and services and make more money.

DESIGN: WE MAKE YOUR SERVICE OR PRODUCT LOOK GOOD, BECAUSE LOOKING GOOD IS GOOD FOR BUSINESS. We excel in design work... it is our STRENGTH. We are masterful not only in the execution of a design, but also in all the collateral skills, such as project management, client guidance, photography and photo retouching, and good old fashioned knowing what you are doing, and knowing it well.

COPYWRITING: Our experience has taught us the important correlation between words, visuals, and overall concept. Where appropriate and if it's part of the project, we offer conceptual, creative copy services based on our many years of experience.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Our high resolution digital photography skills have enabled us to perform speedy photographic miracles for many jobs. Most of the photography is done in our studio, plus we also have affiliations with professional studios with an even greater range of size and lighting capabilities.

ILLUSTRATION and CARTOONING WORK: Look through our samples and you'll see numerous instances where we've used dynamic custom designed illustrations or cartoons to get the most impact. There are many styles of illustration available, and what we don't do ourselves; we can handle through our long-standing connections to some ofAmerica's top illustrators.

PRODUCTION: This is our first consideration when approaching a project. It's no good to create an idea that can't be effectively produced within the associated budget and time frame. We are very well grounded in all aspects of production, and use it to the benefit of our clients.

As part of any PRINT job, we're available to take care of any prepress issues your printer or publication may have. (We submit ADS and print jobs all the time to all types of publications and printers without any problems whatsoever... in all major digital formats.)

INSURANCE POLICY & CONVENIENCE: We scrupulously keep two separate sets of indexed CD BACK-UPS of ALL our work. This makes it easier if you need something else done with any of the pieces of your job. We guarantee having this back-up available to you for up to 12 months after your job is complete. It's not unusual for us to retrieve a catalog, ad, brochure, or flyer from several years ago for easy updates to prices, products, or other items.

Our end-products generally are: ads, brochures, catalogs, booklets, comic strips, postcards, photography, photo retouching, illustration work, cartooning, sell sheets, catalog sheets, package design, logos, corporate identity work, web sites, charts, graphs, flyers, magazines, mastheads, newsletters, labels, billboards, posters, photo compositing, typographic design, presentations, display content work, trade show graphics, gag cartoons, business cartoons, promotional cartoons and illustrations.

Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
HOW WE WORK: Simply stated:

We generally like setting up lines of communications with our clients, including phone and email contact with the decision maker on your end.

We CLARIFY your needs and preferences, and other details of your project. We ask you to send us whatever details (i.e. photos, wording, samples or examples, etc.) you may have at this point to help this critical clarification process.

We offer GUIDANCE - if and when needed regarding your project description, parameters, styling, content, or other details.

We start by submitting design PROOFS for your review and important feedback. We make REFINEMENTS based on your feedback, and repeat this loop as necessary until the project is complete. We expect you to carefully check our proofs and clearly give us your corrections, adjustments, likes and dislikes. Remember, the design process often includes seeing things that you may NOT like to help you to better get in touch with what you DO like.

Upon finalapproval, we'll ship your work to you and/or your printer or publication.

Turnaround dependent upon project; we will deliniate turnaround parameters with our bids, estimates, and/or in our buy now deals.

Once a project is clearly defined and agreed upon, terms for projects that are over $500. usually are a 1/3 deposit to commence actual work; 1/3 somewhere in the middle, and/or balance due C.O.D.
Arlyne Roer
Joey New York, Partner
12 years of freelance ads, brochures, package design, web site work, charts, and other graphic design work.
Bernie Mathieu
National Envelope Corporation, Marketing Manager
10 years of freelance ads, brochures, package design, web site work, charts, and other graphic design work.
Maurice Zagha
W&E Baum Bronze Corporation, Principal
15 years of freelance ads, brochures, web site work, and other graphic design work.
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Millennium Design Group, Inc.