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NLP/Machine Learning, Python&WebScrapping Experts
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About the Company

AIDevel is a privately-held Romania based company committed to offer high quality work in several areas, like Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, SEO automation, Web Scraping. We've been in business since 2008, we are truly experts in Computational Linguistics(NLP/NLG) and Web Automation, and we really love what we do.

Over the years we have managed to build a solid team of software outsourcing professionals that come from various backgrounds and expand the creative potential of the company.

You have a great idea for a project but you do not find available resources to implement it? You want to leave the burden of managing the development process to someone else? Our experience will help you handle all that. Our well-experienced experts will face any challenging project.
Service Description
Our software engineers are developing code since 2000 having experience in several IT fields:
* expert level of Natural Language Processing & Computational Linguistics
* Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
* Truly professional Web Scrapping & Automation
* Adaptive and Intelligent Web Crawling/Web Data Mining/Web Robots
* Developing of Trading Platforms and trading software, backtesting engines, financial communication protocols
* Professional AntiVirus developing & Malware research
* PHP WebSites development/SQL-based Database management Systems/Joomla

Our mainly used programming languages are:
* Python(2x, 3x)
* C/C++ (Qt)
* Java/Groovy
* Perl(5x)
* PHP 4/5
* Assembly Languages
* Delphi/Pascal
* JavaScript
* Groovy/Java
* SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, Oracle, SQLLite)

Our experience include:
* Natural Language Parsing (English/French) and semantic interpretation(Stanford Parser/NLTK, WordNet, semantic disambiguiation, sentiment analysis, etc..).
* Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (Classifiers such as Neural Nets, Support Vector Machines, Regressions, Decision Trees, Random Forests, Clusterization)
* Web Scrapping/Crawling, Intelligent, adaptive, evolutive robots.
* Developing of Trading Platforms, trading software, backtesting engines, financial communication protocols such as FIX, ITCH, ITTO
* Malware, spyware, riskware reverse engineering and classification, w Writing of malware descriptions and detailed disinfection instructions, Knowledge of anti-malware policies and antivirus development.
* Extensive experience with various reverse engineering, unpacking, debugging, decompiling, virtualization, emulation and monitoring tools: IDA Pro, Hex-Rays, OllyDbg, SoftIce, WinDbg, Hiew, various Unpacking tools, antirootkit tools, Sysinternal tools, virtual machines (VmWare, VirtualPc, VirtualBox, Bochs) and emulators, sniffing tools(WireShark), various custom and generic unpackers, various HEX viewers and editors
* Extensive experience in developing DFA & NFA based Regular Expression engines over trees
Python 2.4 Master's Level (CertNumber:9971957)
Awarded: 2012
C++ certification (TranscriptID:9971957)
Awarded: 2012
Faculty of Computer Science
Master degree
2008 - 2009
Faculty of Computer Science
Bachelor degree
2004 - 2008
Senior Software Development Engineer
2013 - Present
Processing big data-sets of website traffic in order to detect various types of robots crawling Amazons customer-facing websites. By classifying hits, we enable other teams to improve their services availability, gather better business metrics and provide the best experience to both customers and robots. Loving sophisticated algorithms and mathematical precision, but at the same time enjoying implementing real large-scale distributed systems, I am responsible for implementing state-of-the-art tools and scalable distributed systems to automatically process, analyze and classify billions of hits per day using parallel algorithms and machine learning techniques on top of Amazon Web Services cloud-computing infrastructure.
Freelancing Experience
Freelancer/Project Manager
2011 - Present
Working on various projects on oDesk, Freelancer, vWorker, Elance, Rent-acoder with clients from all over the world: * Developing Web-crawlers, web-scrapers and web-robots, developing of NFA and DFA based regular expression over trees engines, to be used on DOM trees of Web pages generated by web browsers, for various web data mining applications. * Working on projects with developing of evolutionary algorithms, applications of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing * Design and develop tools for communication and operation with NASDAQ stock market exchange, using TCP/IP based custom protocols.
Mauve AG, Vienna, Austria
Project Manager
2012 - 2012
Managing development of an financial trading software platform, leading a team of 5 developers. Successfully achieved targets set by the company management.
BitDefender SRL
Senior Antivirus Researcher
2006 - 2011
Working in shifts: offering technical support, solving malware related cases on costumers’ systems, maintaining internal/external systems online, 24/7 services including night and weekend Collecting malware from various sources ( in order to have fresh samples in the collection ) Creating and testing of detection and disinfection solutions against different types of malware Development of internal tools for system analysis, automatic sample analysis, automatic detection systems Internal testing different products for major tests in the industry ( AV-Test, AV-Comparatives, Virus Bulletin ) Writing stand-alone or product built-in disinfection routines for active threats Developing data mining scripts and adaptive web crawlers in order to build a whitelisting system and other generic routines for handling false alarms of the product. Sample exchange with different individuals or organizations Over 3 year Python programming and various SQL based databases experience in developing various tools and distributed systems for AntiMalware Lab and automated malware analysis purposes.
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