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Matthew Marlowe

Senior Linux SysAdmin/Gentoo Dev/CTO-for-hire
   United States
  |   San Diego, CA
  |  5:08 pm Local Time


Matthew Marlowe is an expert professional systems administrator and CTO-for-hire with over 20 years experience managing Unix and Linux server farms, coding older enterprise and modern web applications, and promoting Linux/Open Source.

He is a current contributor and active developer for Gentoo Linux. He has significant experience with devops, virtualization/vmware, C++/Ruby, Automation for Internet Startups, postgresql/database management, and Network/Datacenter Design and Operations.

Matthew's focus is long term no-drama development/support and cto level advice focused on real priorities - getting things done reliabily, with trust, and by the real world deadlines required by businesses to maintain competitive advantage.
Service Description
Senior Linux Systems Administration
Ruby/Rails Web Development
Postgresql Database Management
VMware Datacenter Product Expertise and Support
Overall Internet Infrastructure Management and Architecture
Puppet Automation/Server Configuration Management
Gentoo Linux
2006 - Present
DeployLinux Consulting
Self-Employed Consultant
2001 - 2011
Payment Terms
Most projects are billed based on a recurring retainer that specifies min/avg/max hours to be completed during each calendar month.
Matthew Marlowe | Elance

Matthew Marlowe