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About the Company

Personalized world class Mobile and Web solutions for your business. Proven expertise and dozens of successfully completed projects. Over 200,000 worked hours on Marketplaces. Agile software development process according to corporate standards. ISTQB certified in quality assurance.

Advantages for you:
• ease and comfort of communication
• flexibility in managing your development team
• new ideas generation regarding improvement of your Product
• the reliable partner

Use our expertise today!

Our focus is Mobile and Web development, including:
• Mobile - iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone;
• Cross-platform: PhoneGap, Appcelerator Titanium;
• Web - PHP, LAMP, yii, ASP.NET, Java, J2EE, WordPress, Joomla!, Magento
• Testing and quality assurance
• Project management and requirements analysis
Service Description
MobiDev Corporation provides the range of services:

• custom mobile applications development . You don’t need to worry about application development and integration, update or porting your app to iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and J2ME. We use such technologies as Objective C, iOS SDK, Java, Android SDK, BlackBerry SDK, Silverlight, JavaScript, HTML5, PhoneGap and Appcelerator Titanium. We will implement your plans with the top quality to empower you for new achievements;

• web development: web sites, micro sites and web services creation based on a custom architecture using PHP, LAMP, yii, ASP.NET, C#, Java, J2EE, JavaScript, HTML5 on based on the best open source content management systems: WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, Magento. Our specialists will consult you about fastest, easiest and the most useful options, so you save your time for more important questions;

• quality assurance. Providing the high-end testing services based on the ISTQB approach for each project. All system testing methodologies and techniques are for your service. Additionally we provide the special quality assurance program for projects on a market. If you are not sure with the quality of 3rd party developer’s product - we can check it and provide you with recommendations/fixes for your solution. Ad Hoc testing, automated testing, usability testing,

• building a complex system which consists of a server and one or more mobile clients. Just gather your ideas and we will find interconnection spots!

• product maintenance. Your idea grows up faster than you expected? You need extra support? Don't worry, just tell us about your wish in the evening and in the morning your idea will rise like a Sun with new shine!

• marketing and promotion: SEO, SEM, SMM, marketplaces promotion, brand promotion

• Ideas Implementation. If you have a wish and don’t know how to realize you dream, our specialists may create the whole project staging for you that will include:
- requirements specification/analysis,
- UI Design/Graphical Design/UX, usability and user experience,
- architecture development,
- implementation/coding,
- quality control and quality assurance (QA/QC),
- project management (PM)
- maintanance

Whichever mobile platform or web development you choose, we will do our best!

Glad to meet you at Elance.
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Payment Terms
We practice a very simple approach – doing our best to satisfy our Customer with the results of collaboration. At the beginning of a project we assemble a team of professional developers, QA specialists, designers and project managers – and expand the team in case of necessity. We orient at close collaboration and communication with the Customer.

Our goals are:
• To establish efficient communication between the Customer and the team;
• Transparency of decisions and actions, clearness of requirements, fulfillment of expectations from both sides;
• Efficient communication within the team, enabling to exchange experience and knowledge;
• Separating the financial side from the development side. Quick consent about the financial side allows us to proceed to the development itself.

Every person in the team can be involved:

• full-time – regular for developers; sometimes for project managers and QA specialists;
• part-time – usual for project managers and QA specialists;
• as needed – usual for designers.

We use incremental development approach and various methodologies including Scrum and Kanban. New technologies and opportunities on the mobile market are constantly being tracked and explored.

Billing can be performed in two ways:
• Hourly – according to the amount of time spent by the team. Billing period can be defined as one week, two weeks or a month. Billing amount equals spent time multiplied by our rate.
• Retainer – we agree beforehand on the exact amount of time spent by each person in the team during the billing period. Thus the billing amount is known beforehand as well. Billing period can be defined as two weeks or a month.

Our approach presumes an ongoing work on the projects with planned expenses. If you have a fixed budget for your project or a part of the project, we can handle it in the following way. First we analyze the approximate scope of work and let you know if we can fit in the budget. Then we plan the iterations, build the product backlog, define the priorities and start the development. For a fixed budget we see how many iterations we can perform. On the last iterations we finalize the development, polish the product and prepare it for distribution.

Intellectual property (IP) rights along with the source codes are passed to the client after the final payment from the client.
Patrick McGovern
WhereApps Inc., CEO
A fortune telling iPad and iPhone application, which provides horoscopes according to zodiac and personal data like name, birth date or current geo-location. WhereFortune allows to order highly tailored personal predictions (romantic, star forecast, etc) using in-App purchase technology. It allows comfortable booking and reading predictions. Server PHP development was also done by MobiDev
Tomasz Kawka
Medialogix Ltd, Software Development & Support Manager
BlackBerry and ASP.NET development for the company's product
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