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Andrew Gardner

Software | Engineering | Research | Education
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Momentics Inc. is a group of versatile software developers, engineers, and computer scientists that loves solving engaging problems!! We routinely work on projects ranging from simple web application development to state-of-the-art algorithm design for medical devices. If your project requires professionals with integrity, off-the-charts technical ability, and exceptional communication skills, please contact us for a prompt quote.
Service Description
We are a tight-knit group of professional software developers, engineers, and computer scientists that have worked together for more than four years. Many of our members have PhDs in engineering or computer science, and have taught at the university level. We are passionate about what we do: problem solving. We believe integrity and communication are the cornerstones of successful project engagement.

Software & Web Application Development
* Rich internet applications - Flex, AJAX
* Versatile languages - python, ruby, c, java
* Software as a service applications
* Cloud programming - google app engine, amazon web services
* Architecture, design, implementation, quality assurance, and deployment

Engineering & Scientific Services
* Algorithm design and testing
* Technical computing - Matlab, scipy, R, Octave
* Data mining & machine learning
* Bionformatics
* Statistics & applied math
* Image and signal processing
* Electrical engineering design (embedded & building electrical)

Research Services
* Technology assessment and feasibility studies
* Technical reports, whitepapers, and journal articles

Educational & Training Services
* Webinars
* Presentations
* Training and seminars (onsite or virtual)
* Tutorial development
Georgia Institute of Technolgy
Ph.D. Electrical Engineering
1992 - 2004
Payment Terms
We offer flexible payment terms consistent with the prevailing practices of the Elance provider community.

Invoices are payable within 15 days of receipt by client. Payment received past 30 days is subject to a late fee.
Andrew Gardner | Elance

Andrew Gardner