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Monique Nelson

Life is a learning experience; use each minute.
  |   Victoria, BC
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Monique Nelson is a Business Consultant who specializes in developing personalized marketing plans for businesses of all shapes and sizes. I am well experienced in design projects, such as business stationary, fresh advertising campaigns, product image development and much more. I am also a copywriter with a background in writing eBooks, blogs and research articles - though I also truly love the creativity of fiction.

Regardless of your budget, there is a solution that will fit your needs, whether it primarily utilizes Social Media, or it branches out into print or other forms of advertising and marketing.
Service Description
I will freelance in any of the following fields:

- writing and editing, including:
>> articles, both researched and opinionated
>> blogging
>> reviews, book or article
>> sales letters
>> short stories, poetry

- design work, including:
>> brochures
>> business materials: cards, letterhead, envelopes
>> print advertising
>> updating marketing materials
>> posters, banners, and display materials

- consultation work, including:
>> Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Blogging, and others
>> Sales: retail merchandising, training
>> Marketing: design, trends, plans, and other

I hold a BA in English from the University of Victoria, as well as degrees in Desktop Publishing and Social Media Consulting.

I have been a Sales & Marketing Manager for a publicly traded company for 5+ years.

You can check out an additional profile of mine here:
ICS - International Career School
Desktop Publishing and Design
2009 - 2010
Social Media Magic University
Social Media Marketing
2009 - 2009
University of Victoria
2002 - 2006
The Modern Business Consultant
Owner / Operator
2010 - Present
I own my own Business Consulting company, focusing on the strategic use of marketing to enhance the branding and service of local businesses.
Flexible Solutions
Sales & Marketing Manager
2006 - Present
I work directly with clients to provide customer service for all their needs and questions. I also focus on marketing our products efficiently and cost effectively to an international market. My position requires me to test new methods of sales and marketing, as well as re-assess our traditional means. I am not a sales person, but a consultant, in that I my focus is to educate my market to gain loyalty, respect and life long relationships.
Payment Terms
None specified
Monique Nelson | Elance

Monique Nelson