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Stephanie B.

Superior technical communication and training.
   United States


Senior technical writer and trainer with 11 years experience in high tech industries. Framemaker guru, online help developer, cross-platform. Web 2.0-savvy. A leader in bringing people to the 21st century through technology.
Service Description
Mortaine Publications, Inc. is the brainchild of Stephanie Cottrell Bryant, technical writer, blogger, and book author. When needed, we hire out specialized work, such as illustration, design, print production, indexing, and programming.

Specializing in single-sources online help systems for software products, I am not limited to this area. I also write online and blog content, magazine articles, whitepapers, books, user manuals, installation guides, APIs, style guides, even novels and comic books. I can take a project from inception to final production, bringing in the right talent to fulfill jobs as needed.
Stephanie Bryant Technical Documentation
Technical Writer
1996 - 2008
Self-employed as a technical writing contractor and book author for 12 years.
Nanometrics, Inc.
Technical Writer
2002 - 2006
Was the primary technical writer for a semiconductor tool company for 3+ years, creating software user manuals, communication protocol reference, installation guides, online help systems, hardware assembly and maintenance manuals, and assisting with Framemaker template development.
San Jose State University
Teaching Associate
2000 - 2001
Taught two sections of English 1A, Freshman Composition, for two semesters.
Payment Terms
In keeping with Elance's policies, we use the Elance Escrow service for projects garnered through the site. We invoice monthly for projects that take more than 2 months, or at the end of the project for short-term work.

The turnaround time varies by project, but you will find us quick to respond to questions and concerns, online and available throughout the workday. Thanks to over 11 years of experience, we work quickly on software documentation projects.
Nicolas Romanetti
Jaxio, CEO
Revision and editing of programming environment installation guide.
Stephanie B. | Elance

Stephanie B.