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Mike P.

DevOps AWS Linux Unix Engineer, Chef, Ruby, Docker
  |   Lviv, UA
  |  2:15 pm Local Time


I have more than 7 years of Linux/Unix administration experience. Key skills are Linux/Unix servers administration, designing and deploying highload projects with chef/puppet, systems tuning, troubleshooting and support.

OS: Linux, Unix, Windows.
Project management: DevOps, Kanban and XP methodologies.
AWS: EC2, Route53, S3, OpsWorks, CloudFront, ELB, EBS, Auto Scaling, SES, CloudWatch.
Virtualization: VMware, LXC, Openstack, KVM, Xen, VirtualBox, Vargant, Docker.
Configuration management: Chef, Puppet.
Continuous integration: Jenkins (Hudson), Travis CI, Gitlab CI.
Monitoring: Ganglia, Graphite, Collectd, StatsD, Logstash, New Relic, Pingdom.
Programming languages: Ruby, C, C++.
Tests: Cucumber, Minitest, Rspec.
Load balancing: HaProxy, Squid, Pound, Keepalived, Pacemaker.
Web services: Apache, Nginx, Passenger, Unicorn, UWSGI.
DB: MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Redis, Cassandra.
Search: Sphinx, Apache Solr, ElasticSearch.
Java Servlet containers: Tomcat, Jetty.
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Mike P. | Elance

Mike P.