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Will U.

Gifted writer, tech enthusiast, multimedia expert
   United States
  |   Hillsborough, CA


I am a recent college graduate with a lot of ideas and dreams. I am spell-bound by the developments of our media-rich generation of thinkers, entrepreneurs and innovators and, one day, I hope to count myself among that cadre of success stories.

My interests, both personally and career-wise, focus primarily in understanding the linkage between how people use media to relate, engage and entertain each other across all boundaries of space, age, ethnicity, creed and personality. From utilizing Facebook to "stay connected" to competing with strangers' scores in friendly competitions of Angry Birds on the latest "smart-phones" to having your career trajectory plotted out on LinkedIn, increasingly there is a space for personal data about people to proliferate and be meaningful in the cosmos of the web and I strive to be on the forefront of that growing sphere of influencers and "taste-makers" making digital culture what it is today.
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Will U. | Elance

Will U.