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Alex V.

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I'm a full-stack developer with multiple years of experience in Ruby (on Rails), PHP, Java, and both client-side and server-side Javascript. My work has ranged from custom modules for various Content Management Systems, single-page web applications, purely server-side data-analysis and transformation. I've worked as the sole developer for small design shops, as part of an Enterprise level SaaS software team, and been responsible for managing remote development teams across multiple projects.
Service Description
At Mr V Dot Web Development and Programming I work with you to create an application that will fit your needs exactly. I specialize in converting your ideas, whether they be design or functionality oriented, and implementing them in a system you can control. I know how frustrating it can be to have to call up a developer every time you want a simple change to be made, so I make sure that your site and the content that drives it is entirely within your control. I have worked with companies who prefer to provide their own templates, want old sites cloned into a more manageable system, or even want us to design the site for them. In each case, I work hand in hand with the client, making sure the design, implementation, and control is exactly how they want it and easily understood by them.

I focus on making sure my clients understand what is going into their application and what they are getting in return from the very beginning. I emphasize daily communication, promising to return any messages within 24 hours at the most, often within 30 minutes. I've worked on sites of all sizes, from a couple pages to e-commerce sites with thousands of products, and for each one I work to maintain friendly and consistent communication throughout the entire project, and even for days afterwards if any questions should arise, even after payment when most other companies would have left you stranded.
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Alex V.