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Matthew Norris

Web & User Interface Designer
   United States


I'm a Web and UI Designer with more than 5 years of experience and a BA in Interactive Media Design, I create clean minimal User Interfaces and Websites full time for companies and individuals.

Using a modern design philosophy you expect today, I craft great User Experiences with common sense usability and tasteful visual design. I'm an individual, not part of a group, so you work with me directly.

Let's build something together!
Service Description
Reliable, Honest, and Straight Forward.

- User Interface Design
- Website Design
- UI Prototyping
- Interaction Design
- Visual Design
- Consulting
- Final deliverables in PSD or HTML/CSS format.

- Video Editing

I work with most clients on the design portion of their site or user interface, handing over a well crafted PSD for a developer to implement.

For some projects I provide the final deliverable in code. This is carefully crafted using HTML, CSS, and occasionally jQuery.

Websites are built with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in mind, using w3c standards. I know, to some that sounds like a foreign language, but think of it like building a house to spec. When we build our homes we have certain codes and regulations that must be followed. It's the same for the web! You don't want to hire just any old person to build your house and you don't want to do that with your website either.

Your probably wondering about the cost range of sites I build, well wonder no more. They're typically in the range of $400 to $1200 depending on the individual clients needs. I don't like using templates and I want to provide an original product at the end. Hey, I want something nice looking and genuine in my portfolio. So going below 400 starts to hurt! This is especially true when this is my livelihood. That said, I try to keep prices reasonable so that I have to take on as few clients as possible. This leaves me more time to focus on a client or two and get those projects done as quickly as possible.
The Art Institute Of Atlanta
BFA Interactive Media Design
2004 - 2007
East Central College
1998 - 1999
Interface designer
2008 - Present
2000 - 2007
Payment Terms
Proposals, Estimates, & Contracts
Any estimates that have been provided to the client are only recognized for 30 days from the time it has been received. The contract must be signed within that 30 day period. If the contract is not signed within those 30 days, it is assumed that the project is cancelled and a new estimate may be presented if the client wishes to reinstate said project. Be aware that estimates are exactly what their definition states and are not exact or final prices.

Please be aware that additional pages, functions, and other features inflate the cost of a project when they change dramatically from the original intent. Major changes in the direction of a project or extra design work can also inflate the original intended price. I will make the client aware of this during the process if the estimated price range could change and we will communicate that before the changes are made.

Pricing & Fees
When being charged hourly the client agrees to the rate stated in the estimate or invoice. Note that 50% of the estimated cost will be paid up front by the client before the project will begin. That means funded and released. The final 50% will be provided by the client at the end of the project after final sign-off but before the project is turned over to the client. When client is being charged a flat fee those projects are also subject to the same rules above, minus the hourly rate charge. Estimates are a rough guess as to how many hours a particular project will take. Any graphics, photos, or other assets used to design and build a project requires licensing fees and these cost will be transferred down to the client for final payment.

The 50% that is paid up front is to be released from Escrow before any project will begin. The final payment does not have to be released by the client until the end when the project has been fully completed. This is only fair on the part of both parties involved.
Antoine Mcneal
Lattetude Bistro, Business Owner
An interactive website for a coffee shop that allows the customer to order online. The final website can be seen at
Ameeta Jadav
The Art Institute of Atlanta, Director
I worked on a couple of projects under the direction of Ameeta Jadav and others. The main project was a large website for the EDMC foundation. You can check out the website I built and constructed at this link
Jonathan Carter
Carter Atlanta, Business Owner
Real Estate website for a very prestigious company in the Atlanta area. This is a project that has gotten this company a lot of attention through a simple search in Google. You can check out the website at the following link:
Kim Resnik
The Art Institute, Public Relations
I worked on a project for Kim for the Red Cross. That project can be seen at the following link.
Matthew Norris | Elance

Matthew Norris