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Mustafa T. | Elance
Last Sign-in: Oct 24, 2015
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Mustafa T.

Salesforce Certified Developer,  Beyond Vision
  |   Karachi, Sindh
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I am experienced Salesforce.com certified developer with a strong background in computer science and 5+ years in software development. I have solid hands-on experience from redesigning existing software to solving complex technical problems with object-oriented programming, Microsoft SQL Server, and advanced JavaScript. I specialized in architecting and developing both front and back end software for cross-browser, highly interactive AJAX based applications on Force.com platform. Past working experience includes developing e-commerce applications on ColdFusion and PHP along with hands-on experience with .Net platform including Web, Desktop and Webservice applications.
Service Description
Following is a brief synopsis of projects that I have done at salesforce.com platform. Since, most of the projects are done for partners in UK and US, according to the nature of NDA signed between these partners, I am unable to disclose any client identities.

Project 01: Financial Application on Force.com Platform
I am leading my team on developing a financial application on Salesforce Force.com platform that works right from opportunities to quotes and SOPs to invoices. Ledger entries are posted via different standard accounts modules and reports like profit & loss, Debtors, cash flow, VAT returns, balance sheet, trial balance and other management reports are generated. Additional time sheet and expense sheet management modules are also developed as part of the application. This application is currently in force.com security review.

We have also developed an extension application, which will include integration with Adaptive Planning, an online budgeting tool using their webservices API.

Skills utilized: Visualforce, Apex, Triggers, Workflows and Approvals, Scheduled and Batch Apex processes, Webservices integration.

Project 02: Property Tracking System for Wiel Brien LLC, USA
I developed a property tracking system for leading Wiel Brien LLC, California, USA. We have done an implementation of geographic intelligence for identification of appropriate price of a target property.

This project's goal was to create an automated mechanism through which Wiel Brien can build geographic intelligence in to a centralized location, and then use that intelligence to effect buying decisions going forward. We implemented the nearest neighbor algorithm to achieve this requirement. We also developed a mobile application for their field agents so that they could use this functionality while they are on the move.

We also developed IRR function and did Binary search implementation within Salesforce to help Wiel Brien ascertain appropriate buying and selling price for a property.

In order to aid buying process a scoring scale is developed based on property’s geographic and society location. This scoring scale is used to visualize data and present it to investors and key decision makers on Google maps based interface. In order to generate score based tiles a .Net application, using complex image processing, is developed which generates tiles for Google maps using Salesforce Web-services API.

Skills utilized: Visualforce, Apex, Triggers, Force.com sites, Salesforce Web-services API, Google Maps API, MapQuest API, C# .Net.

Project 03: Salesforce Google Calendar Two-way Synchronization
Recently developed an app for an Australian based consultancy firm. This app has ability to create events from Salesforce to google apps account calendar. The event creation takes place through a trigger written on event creation or updation of key information such as title, description, start and end date.

The other part of app brings calendar events created directly at Google calendar into Salesforce using a Scheduled Apex Job. All information related to Google account credentials and timing of scheduled job is saved in custom settings object. Future update to the app includes usage of Salesforce encrypted fields to protect Google credentials.

This project also involves integration of Google single sign-on using Salesforce as identity provider.

Project 04: Enterprise subscription management
A ‘Financial Document Provider’ company in UK required a single system to replace 5 discreet systems that they were using to do CRM, Permission-ing and Invoice generation. We did extensive customization in salesforce, created new objects and developed new modules and visualforce pages to create a solution that handles creation of Groups, Accounts, Opportunities, Contracts, and Permissions on documents for contracts and its customized workflows. The system handles thousands of users and millions of documents. We transformed their 5 existing discreet systems into one unified entity, connected to their various online databases and systems with real time data sync.

Skills utilized: S-controls, Apex, Visualforce, ASP.Net, MS SQL Server, Data Analysis, Data Mining, and Data Migration

Project 05: Online license management
A visual effects software Development Company needed customization of salesforce to handle their complete business cycle from leads to opportunity to quote revisions and sales order to online license generation and maintenance of contracts with multiple level of access rights on users and data. We also did integration with iHance for emails management and Adestra for online campaign management

Skills utilized: S-controls, Apex, Visualforce, Salesforce Territory Management, ASP.Net, MS SQL Server, Google APIs, Data Analysis, Data Mining, Data Migration, and Sage Accounts API

Project 06: Quote and Sales Order management system
An E-commerce company needed salesforce customization for quote creation and revisions, sales orders and refunds. We also did Sage integration and integrated it with their online ecommerce website
Skills utilized: S-controls, Apex, ASP.Net, MS SQL Server, Data Analysis, Data Mining, Data Migration, and Sage Accounts API

Project 07: User document subscription management
A leading document publishing company wanted to migrate their existing CRM business to salesforce.com. They provide online and offline monthly subscriptions and sell various journals and books to end users. We are doing migration from Goldmine CRM to salesforce.com, permission system, migration of existing Invoice generation system to SF and migration of existing campaign management system to SF

Skills utilized: S-controls, Apex, Visualforce, ASP.Net, MS SQL Server, Data Analysis, Data Mining, and Data Migration

Project 08: Salesforce FedEx Application
I developed a SF native application for generating FedEx shipping labels from within the SF environment. Extensive web services integration done with heavy visualforce development.

Skills utilized: Visualforce, Apex, Triggers, and FedEx Webservices

Project 09: Data migration from Microsoft CRM
Skills utilized: Data analysis, Data Mining, MS SQL server

Project 09: Invoice creation in Sage Accounts based on Opportunity stages
Skills utilized: Visualforce, Apex, Salesforce webservices API and Sage API Integration.

E-Commerce shopping sites
Developed shopping portal several local and foreign clients including on ColdFusion platform. Features include payment gateway integration, category based product management, featured and cross selling products. One major UK-based shopping portal included Google Mini Search Appliance integration for providing robust searching on website and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) for displaying inventory on website through third party suppliers and passing orders to them for delivery when customer purchase products on website.

Store management system for US based mobile phone and carrier plan selling companies
Features include: inventory management, inventory ledger, with super admin, state headquarters login, store login and employee logins. This system is deployed for following companies in USA: Wireless4u and NCI Wireless World. This application was also developed on ColdFusion platform.
Salesforce.com Certified Developer 401
Awarded: 2011
University of Karachi
Bachelors of Science in Computer Science
2005 - 2008
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Mustafa T. | Elance

Mustafa T.