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Miguel Vidaure

Imaginative Game Writer & Narrative Designer
   United States
  |   Lake Elsinore, CA
  |  9:18 am Local Time


Gifted, creative, and passionate game developer able to weave together storytelling and gameplay in order to craft unforgettable characters, worlds, and choices. University of California graduate in "Game Narratives and Design" with five years of professional creative writing and game design experience. This includes more than 25 shipped games of various genres and platforms, including Fantasy, Sci-Fi, mobile/iOS, Steam, and more.

Service Description
Strong writing background includes linear and choice-driven narratives, dialogue, quests, characters, lore, descriptions, cinematic cutscenes, and more.

Has served as the following game development roles: gameplay designer, art director, pixel artist, marketing/press writer, and tester. Lastly, I also write articles on a weekly basis on game design, industry trends, and more.

*Monster Boy and the Wizard of Booze by Game Atelier
*Blossom Tales by Castle Pixel -- (funded by FDG Entertainment)
*School Spirit for EPISODE by Pocket Gems -- (thousands of readers a week)
*Dungeon of Madness by Game Stew -- (5/5 on TouchARcade)

University of California, Santa Cruz graduate with a degree in "Game Narratives and Design"-- an individual major incorporating game design, film, theater, and creative writing.
University of California Santa Cruz
"Game Narratives and Design"
2006 - 2010
Countless clients in past 5 years
Freelance Writer/Designer for Games
2009 - Present
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Miguel Vidaure | Elance

Miguel Vidaure