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Nancy F.

Proven competence plus accuracy and speed
   United States
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I have honed a number of skills to perfection during my long career in commercial printing and publishing: design, prepress production, editing and copywriting. A highly-disciplined self-starter, I am known for a positive, supportive attitude and my ability to cooperate with clients in many fields and colleagues of all skill levels.
Service Description
It can be a challenge to find a graphic arts professional who can get your project into print without time- and money-wasting communication problems and issues arising from a lack of understanding of offset printing requirements. Many young designers have focused on website design at the expense of print, to the detriment of the client as well as to their own careers.

A long career in commercial printing and publishing has enabled me to perfect a wide variety of skills. Not only am I an accomplished layout artist and typesetter, I am a skilled writer and editor.

I can take scattered ideas and error-riddled copy, organize them and meld them into an appealing, eye-catching brochure or promotional piece. I can advise you on the best formats for art and photographs you wish in include in your work and arrange them for maximum impact. I can create eye-catching layouts from scratch, guaranteed to go from my desk to press or onto a website without a hitch. I am also happy to work with furnished content and images, hewing to a strict layout and specifications. In other words: if you know exactly what you want, I can produce that.

I will quote you a price for producing your piece before I begin work: no unpleasant surprises as far as cost. I will keep you updated with daily emails and preliminary proofs on long-term projects. I believe in addressing problems and obstacles early in the production process, to save you time and money.

I have specialized in long-document projects, for which I was the person primarily responsible. I masterminded production of catalogs of graphics-heavy technical material, acting as the key point-source for collecting all copy, photographs and diagrams. I imposed consistent graphic standards across hundreds of pages, generated several indexes per book and all front matter. After the catalogs went to press, I redesigned the covers to fit on CD jackets, and repurposed the content as interactive PDFs to be distributed on CDs.

Employment for five years at a business forms manufacturer gave me the skill and experience needed to lay out and produce a vast range of forms for any type of businss: handwritten or machine-generated, fan-apart or continuous.

I am a published author of both fiction and nonfiction, with experience in journalism. I have vast editing experience, both in publishing and in my capacity as a prepress production technician. There have been many spelling and grammatical errors that never appeared in print because I spotted and corrected them, informing the clients that I had done so when I submitted proofs to them.

Copy organized, prioritized, laid out, formatted and typeset.
Photographs retouched, color-corrected and cropped for best presentation.
Line art optimized and formatted for most effective and most efficient use of bandwidth.
Customer files and PDFs analyzed for press suitability.

I have Experience in Creating & Producing for Print:
Business Cards
Business Forms

Power user in:
Quark Xpress
Adobe Framemaker
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Acrobat

Experienced in:
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Publisher
Microsoft Excel
Filemaker Pro
Microsoft Access
University of Cincinnati
Bachelor of Arts in Art History
- 1974
Action Printing of Norman
Prepress production technician
1985 - 2012
I specialized in long-document projects, mostly catalogs, for which I was the person primarily responsible. I trained numerous co-workers to assist on these and other projects, and fostered clear communication between all participants, the customers, and my company's administrators to make sure problems were dealt with quickly and deadlines were met. Other projects included brochures, mailers, directories and stationery. Thanks to previous employment at a business forms manufacturer, I was assigned most of the forms projects, since I always handled them accurately and quickly. I am an expert user of: Quark Xpress, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Framemaker, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Acrobat. I have ample experience with: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Filemaker Pro, and HTML 4.
Derby Magazine / Appaloosa Racing Record
1983 - 1985
Sole typesetter for two monthly magazines, as well as frequent horse auction catalogs. I assisted in layout and pasteup, and and pointed out potential editorial problems.
Chickasha Daily Express
Composing Room Foreman
1982 - 1983
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Nancy F. | Elance

Nancy F.