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Consider It Done Well.
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On private and regular client projects; but contact me!

Won BlackRefer's Best Novel for "Hobble" and script "FRAMES" placed finalist in nationwide New Century Screenplay Contest.

Guru/Elance projects: "Heartwild Solitaire" 1& 2 PC games story; "Berlin 1961: The Wall" RPG story (cthulhu, Nazis, Stasi); archeology story--Inertia Software's game "The Secret of Margrave Manor" 1 & 2; novel ghostwrite/edit; Australian wedding/romance and scifi/fantasy sites short stories; male masturbation method nonfiction ghost and marketing hook; Indian short short erotic romance stories; ghostwritten spiritual screenplay rewrite/edit and a script synopses and taglines for same; writing fiction and semifiction for a relationship site; horror database for a scriptwriting prompt triggers computer program; rewrote a dog training manual; novel ghost; more.

Versatile and strong male and female writing voice(s); character, dialogue.
Service Description
Neale Sourna's Writing-Naked [crafting stronger character dialog for games, scripts, and novels]

Your screenplay, novel, your dialog and visuals need hardcore writing and intense character rebuilding or revisualization, it needs its impact to be more, well, impact-y; invest in fine writing and great storytelling. Quality pricing gets you quality writing; by byline or ghost (ghostwriting).

Only make contact if you're truly ready to be serious about investing in and doing the very best for your project; when you want a voice that's strong, profound, and farseeing--whether scifi/adventure, romance, spiritual, or drama.

Scriptwriting/Screenplay writing, Writing, Ghostwriting, Rewriting, Proofing, and Editing (for scripts, screenplays, novels, game stories/gaming stories, sales dialog scripts, and more)

Your screenplay, novel, your dialog and visuals need hardcore writing and intense character rebuilding or revisualization, it needs its impact to be more, well, impact-y; invest in fine writing and great storytelling.

Quality pricing gets you quality writing; by byline or ghost (ghostwriting).

"Fear is the Mindkiller." --Frank Herbert, "Dune"
Neale Sourna's Writing-Naked is the new [2006] writing and publishing consultation, editing, proofing, and ghostwriting branch/imprint of the privately owned PIE: Perception Is Everything publishing company, established November 2001, Cleveland, Ohio, USA by author Neale Sourna.

PIE: Percept is a small publisher of quality fiction [trade paperback, ebook: Adobe Glassbook, MS Reader, MobiPocket, Palm] with several titles available worldwide through Ingram's/Lightning Source.

PIE has only one author at present, Neale Sourna, winner of BlackRefer's Best Erotica of 2004 for "Hobble" and a former finalist in the annual New Century Screenplay Contest for "FRAMES."

Writing-Naked is mostly a team of one. Neale Sourna is owner, author, editor, designer, model, layout, publisher, and marketer, and more; a desktop publishing professional with past administration, training, theatrical, cinematic, and marketing skill functions in the corporate, business, nonprofit, and even space science engineering worlds.

Neale has several books, novels, short stories [PIE: Perception Is Everything, Infinity Publishing, Playgirl Magazine, Distant Echoes (military)] available through Ingram's online and at online and retail brick-and-mortar stores. Search: "Neale Sourna"

Neale is a former script reader and judge for the National Writers Workshop in Los Angeles [nonlocal], 5 years; a Founding Advisory Board Member "Creative Screenwriting Magazine" since 1994; and owner, and view webmaster skills for the Neale-Sourna author site, PIE-Percept's publisher site, and Writing-Naked for creative writing, consulting, and editing site.

Neale's preference is reading material content for post watershed, "of age" adult and "of age" mature youth fiction and nonfiction; with a strong tendency to the area where you'll find Anne Rice, Zane, Jaid Black, Joss Whedon, Chris Carter, Bruno Heller, Diana Gabaldon, Charlaine Harris, and Emily Bronte.
-- -- --

Online portfolios and project links here at Elance. Or Google Search "neale sourna".

I specialize in creative writing/ghostwriting/editing/publishing semifiction and nonfiction (sensual writing and romantic advice from both male and female pov) also fiction romantic, thriller, or action (script--advertising or fiction, novel, or short story; characterization development; proofing; editing; ghostwriting).

Former screenplay reader and contest prejudge. A Founding Advisory Board Member to "Creative Screenwriting Magazine (Journal)."

I write, edit, proof, design, layout, and publish my own books and ebooks, am registered with Publishers Marketing Association, Bowkerlink, and Ingram's Lightning Source giving my books world access to most online and brick-and-mortar stores all from my home desktop or local college library.

Award-winning skill in fiction--erotic sensual romance, also screenwriting [film/movie script, television hour drama; especially dramatic sci-fi/fantasy, like "X-Files" (science fiction), "Quantum Leap" (TV--time travel, human drama/humor--dramedy), "What Dreams May Come" (spirituality, depth of feeling, amazing points of view based on individual character)] with strong characters, sensible plots, and intense, emotional action (action with a purpose).

Work experience in live theater, cinema theater, banking, finance, marketing, retail, erotic photo modeling, and even space microgravity research for NASA. Talents in speaking, singing, band, music theory/harmony, dance.

I have highly versatile and strong male and female writing voice(s), especially the males but my females aren't slackers either, unless, of course, they need to be.

Feminine Women (romantic, unromantic, sentimental or non, personable, casual and formal conversational style) --educated-urban-contemporary, fantasy-historical-magic-sorceress-princess-queen, Regency/Victorian English/American-upper-and-lower-class, post World War II/Second World War, more.

Masculine Men (romantic, unromantic, sentimental or non, personable, casual and formal conversational style) --contemporary-urban-professional (romantically generous or sexually selfish), fantasy-historical-warrior/king, Regency/Victorian English/American-upper-and-lower-class, post World War II/Second World War, more.

Also can do precocious, inquisitive children well.

Have skills in business and nonprofit work pieces (nonfiction) with organization, proofing, editing, keeping tone and character of original author.

Will proof and edit for basics first:

+ story/copy sense,

+ standard English spellings and grammar that aren't contemporary colloquial or idiosyncratic to each character or author.

+ Will look for consistency of style, spelling, and grammar of colloquial and idiosyncratic material set by author and edit to that.

A strong believer in creating strong characters for well-developed drama with emotional impact and authenticity; i.e.:

+ Character-driven action

+ Character-driven motivation behind those actions

+ Character-driven limits of sacrifice and jeopardy or what character will and will not do; strong and stylish knack for action and sensual/romantic scenes.

You'll physically get back, if computer file:

+ your original file; untouched;

+ an edited duplicate file with fully detailed marked corrections;

+ and a final file with clean, unmarked edits.

Storytelling/writing training or consulting: building characters with real world and/or fantasy world authenticity and spiritual reality; generation appropriate, high stakes action for each personality; when to show, when to withhold, and more.

Publisher training or consulting concerns: ebooks; book; to self-publish or not; marketing; design cover, text; web presence; press releases; etc.

Also, book, brochure, screenplay format layout; Word, Adobe Acrobat (PDF and ebook), and MS Reader ebook format generation.

Game Story Narrative--"Thanks Neale! You're the best :) Also, I noticed you implemented all the fixes you mentioned in your forum thread. Awesome. --D (Poland)"
Amazon Review--"Neale,

"I appreciate your candid feedback. You have given me a lot to chew on for my second novel. Up until now all of the reviews I've received [on the first novel] have been very positive with 4+ star ratings. I only ask that you balance your review, which I'm sure you will. And maybe only focus on a couple of your key points [you found].

"...I am flabbergasted at the eye/hair error you caught. TWO professional editors reviewed this manuscript before it was published. It seems that you are a very critical, insightful thinker. Me I'm just a story teller."

"Thanks...R [Canada]"
Master of Arts Studies, College of Film and Video
1985 - 1985
Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Fine Arts
1980 - 1983
JPMorgan Chase, NA, Middle Market Financial Group
Executive Administrative Assistant/Office Manager
2001 - 2004
Worked for two Vice Presidents (VP) and one Director (Commercial Banking, Aircraft Finance/Leasing, and Business Credit, respectively); and Annual Golf Regional Invitation Coordinator. For client companies worth $50 million or more. Executive ex-pense reports, travel arrangements (flight, hotel, car) by web/phone, internet/public library re-search, order supplies, coordinated mail/FedEx, kept receipts, log receivables/financials/car mile-age, phones, faxes, copying, binding, misc. WORD, EXCEL, LOTUSNOTES, EXPLORER, NETSCAPE, OUTLOOK.
KeyBank N.A.
Wealth Management Presentations Specialist
1996 - 1997
Reorganized, reedited, proofed (grammar and style) of bound sales presentation booklets and slides, travel arrangements, misc. POWERPOINT PRESENTATIONS for clients possessing $5 million or more to invest or endow. PowerPoint, Word, Freehand.
Nationwide Advertising Services (NAS)
1992 - 1997
Permanent Part-Time Concurrent with other Full-Time. 1992 1997. 5 years. Display Ad Proofreader (copy and graphics). Medical, legal, and other company ads.
Payment Terms
Normally fee is 1/2 to start and the 2/2 half (for projects up to $599, more below*) upon completion delivery of the final polished doc. You'll receive numerous updates as I work, in order for you to see exactly what you're getting and to correct me or encourage me, depending if I'm straying from the path we agreed on or am successfully accomplishing a new approach you like. You'll always know exactly what you're getting before the final deadline.

And talk to me, through the message board, it's the only way I can fully tune into your project; when you give me feedback and input, especially when I need it and ask for it.

*First payment is to start. Payment milestones from $1500 and up can be broken into fourths (1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4); payment breakdowns over, that let's discuss it. If the fee is $600 or over, we can break it into thirds (1/3, 2/3, 3/3) for payment; otherwise one half (1/2) to start, second half (2/2) due upon final delivery.

Escrow is welcome.

Payment for project $600 or less is immediately due, half [50% (1/2), invoiced] upon acceptance of vendor for job to start and upon our receipt of said funds and accompanying materials required to complete the task.

Residual payment [final half (2/2), 50%] is due upon delivery of services and receipt of final invoice.

Projects billed at over $600 can be broken into thirds or fourths, by milestone payment, up to $1500, and to some discussion, negotiation.
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Planning and writing short story segments for computer game: Heartwild Solitaire (1 and 2), other projects as well.
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S E Reynolds
PIE: Perception Is Everything, Owner
Book/ebook projects: Creative fiction writing, cover copy and design, interior text layout, marketing, editor, and all around roustabout for publisher.
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