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Yasir Haleem

Professional web design and programming
  |   Islamabad, Islamabad
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I'm a web-developer. My passions are broad and wide-spread, touching everything from MySQL to jQuery and everything in between.

I began as a designer in 2004 capable of writing horrific HTML. Fortunately I was persistent enough to stick with it long enough to understand the importance of semantic markup.

Today I'm predominantly a PHP programmer, although much of my time is spent on the front-end of things gently massaging CSS to work with varying browsers.

Over the last few years, most of my projects have been 1-man teams. I have worked for various smaller enterprises which didn't require many more sets of hands, so I was responsible for designing relational-databases, developing the base of our projects or choosing an appropriate CMS or framework to build upon, and for the front-end graphics, markup, and ui-enhancements via javascript (or jQuery).

Service Description
- codeigniter
- wordpress
- modx
- jquery
- xhtml (Transitional and Strict )

Along with completing the project on time, I provide ongoing support and i'm always available to answer question and make quick adjustments.
University of Lahore
Master in Computer Science
2003 - 2005
Dennis Hettema
User Interface Designr and Developer
2010 - Present
Working as User Interface Designer and Developer for buzrr.com. Design and Develop the complete user interface of buzrr.com including the iphone version.
Project Manager
2009 - Present
Kevin Grinder
Modx Developer
2009 - Present
Payment Terms
100% in Escrow at start of project.
On projects > 1 month, payment split into milestone
No upfront payment required!
Jeff Czyzewski
webposter, CEO
Web based application written in PHP and MySQL to store information and interact with Twitter Accounts.
Yasir Haleem | Elance

Yasir Haleem