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Ashish L.

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Programming Environment

C, C++, C#, Java, Amazon AWS, Flex, Flash, ActionScript, Tcl, Perl, NDIS, Visual C++, COM, .Net, Joomla, Drupal, Symbian, iPhone OS

VoIP, SS7 ISUP, TCP/IP, MPLS, Martini L2MPLS, Unicast Routing, IGMP, DVMRP, PPTP, L2TP, ATM, Gigabit Ethernet

Hardware / Platforms

PC architecture, SUN Sparc Station, Apple MAC, iPhone, Android Phones, Blackberry, Blackfin, Thomson SH4 AP, Spectra INET, Agilent Routertester, QaRobot
Service Description
Mobile, Telecom Software Developer
Kansas State University
Master Of Science
1994 - 1996
2012 - Present
1. Video over iPhone OS in PJSIP using H.263 and H.264 2. Packetization functions for H.263-1996 in PJSIP. 3. Fixing and testing H.264 calls using PJSIP over iPhone.
Infinet Financial Systems
Sr. Development Engineer
2011 - 2012
1. Development of Yate Clustering and Failover 2. Development of SNMP support in Turret Software. 3. Development of new VoIP features such as Call Transfer (Attended and Unattended transfer), turret bug fixing and support.
2009 - 2011
1. iPhone app - OpenGL, image compresssion, streaming, high speed IP link 2. Server app - Streaming, image compression, high speed IP link. 3. iPhone app - Image cropping, rotation, scanning. 4. iPhone - Augmented Reality app, OpenCV, OpenGL, 3D graphics, face and feature detection. 5. iPhone - MonoTouch. Use MonoTouch on iPhone to dynamically generate UIControls from XML files. 6. Symbian VoIP Jitter Buffer Project - Modify VoIP client jitter buffer.
SoftDEL System Pvt. Ltd.
Systems Analyst
2007 - 2009
· (VxWorks 6.3/RTP development/debugging, July 2007-Nov-2007, March 2008-May 2008) Co-designed, developed and debugged maintenance mode state machine, gripper, catcher statemachines for z-loader component of FabEx controller (FEC) as part of the I-loader project for Aquest System’s FabEx manufacturing system. The z-loader VxWorks 6.3 executable communicates with a motion sensing device (MSD) using Magellan MC58240 chipset to control various movements of the z-loader as well as other hardware components attached to the z-loader (gripper plate, catcher etc). · (Design/Embedded Linux – Dec2007 – June 2008) Designed the python based communication interface by integrating C/C++ UNIX implementation of message queues with python. Implemented python/XML based weather client that talks to a dedicated WSDL server. · (Green Hills Software Integrity OS – July 2008-date) Bug fixing of flash file system corruption, enhancements such as to fetch numerous network nodes to the DMS GUI in Checkpoint’s Emerald Electronic Alarm Surveillance (EAS) system based on BlackFin 536 processor.
Veraz Networks
Staff Engineer
2005 - 2006
· (SS7/Class 4 Soft switch – July 2005–December 2005, Solaris, Application Space) SS7 ISUP feature development and bug fixing for various flavors of ISUP such as ISUP-ETSI-V1, ISUP-Russia, C7 and A7. The work was done mainly for the signaling gateway and call control elements of the soft switch. · (SS7/Sustaining – January 2006– April 2006, Solaris, Application Space ) Bug fixing and sustaining of the signaling gateway and call control element Veraz class 4 softswitch · (SS7/Scripting/Configuration –March 2005–July 2005, Solaris, Application Space) Scripting, ISUP and PRI related configuration using INET Spectra.
Thomson Electronics, Multimedia Research Lab
Sr. Developer
2004 - 2004
· (uClinux – May 2004–Oct 2004, firmware development) – Developed hidden multiple SSID support to Thomson’s SH4 based 802.11g AP using Intersil’s FullMAC uAP driver and port access entity daemon (paed). · (uClinux – April 2004, firmware development) Ported Conexant’s FullMAC uAP driver based on ISL3890 chipset from x86 environment to Thomson’s SH4 based Access Point running embedded linux (uClinux). · (uClinux – March 2004) Tested and evaluated ISL3893 based WiSoC APDK and Conexant’s ISL3890 based SoftMAC driver for multiple ssid support.
Agilent Technologies
R &D Engineer
2000 - 2003
(VxWorks/FreeBSD Protocol development, Application Space) Designed and developed Martini L2MPLS protocol software for Routertesters embedded slave. VPLS study (VxWorks/FreeBSD Protocol Development, Application Space, VoIP) Tcl scripts, modified protocol stack as needed for VoIP SIPv1 client side protocol testing. Designed and developed RTP/RTCP support to extend the SIP functionality in the routertester (VxWorks/FreeBSD Protocol Development, Application Space, PIM, IPv6) Extended the COM/ATL layer and embedded VxWorks slave for multicast for PIM over IPv6 (Routing protocols) configure BGP, OSPF, ISIS in MPLS nodes and test BGP-MPLS, L2 MPLS and L2TP implementations.
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