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Newrosoft Dezvoltare si Cercetare

Best smartphone programming
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About the Company

One of the largest and best providers on Elance. 43% of our clients here make at least a second project with us because we are reliable and our prices are extremly competitive.
Made of 40 hardcore programmers and artists we specialize in smartphone coding - iPhone and Android. Newrosoft Dezvoltare si Cercetare started to operate on 21 Dec 2001 and the last 14 years have been quite a journey.
We are Nintendo DS/DSi licensed developers, Nintendo Wii licensed developers, Sony PSP licensed developers. Some of our most prestigious clients have been Sony Pictures Digital, Gameloft, British Telecom.
We have developed more than 50 PC games, 300 smaprtphone games and apps. We are experts in Unity3D, Cocos 2D.

We are the real deal !!!
Service Description
We are making:
- iPhone/iPad/iPod applications/games
- Android applications/games
- BADA applications/games
- BlackBerry applications/games
- website design and development
- 3D PC games
- DS/DSi games
- Wii games
- PSP games

Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
The standard payement terms are:
- 20% upfront payment
- 20% when the application is in alpha stage
- 20% when we provide an intermdiary version
- 20% when we provide a beta version
- 20% when we provide the gold version
Sebastian Trautschold
Rising Games, CEO
Just wow!!! We have have had a great experience with the entire team at Newrosoft. They are intelligent, very good at project execution and results driven. Communication was exceptionally good from beginning to end which provided a tremendous amount of confidence in the final result. Based on the application they delivered, we feel 100% confident that our products will shine. We will continue to work with them in the future”
Newrosoft Dezvoltare si Cercetare | Elance

Newrosoft Dezvoltare si Cercetare