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Ruby on Rails, iOS, Android, C, .NET, PHP, Mobile
  |   Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Chi Minh City
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About the Company

Founded in 2003, LARION Computing is the very competent software outsourcing company.

We have been successful in outsourcing services and notably in Ruby on Rails, Mobile (iOS, Android), PHP, C on Linux, and .NET.

We are a global Software Development firm providing services to clients spread across 10 countries.

The company' s mission is to strive for fulfilling individual and organizational needs throughout the world.

We commit that LARION Computing's partners and customers will get the highest satisfaction when doing business with us.
Service Description
With the goal of building long-term relationships based on trust and quality as well as having a tremendous cost advantage over large companies, we have succeeded in supplying our services for diverse customers all over the world.

We draw best engineers from the talent pool of local universities, targeting smartest, brightest goal oriented young people.

We choose Ruby on Rails as our main platform. It perfectly connects with our values and allows our engineers to quickly write high quality code which is easy to extend and maintain.

The following are competitive advantages that differentiate LARION Computing from other providers:

1. Huge experience in the field we work.

2. Strong Quality Assurance Department. Beta and release testing is a must.

3. Working in one place.

*** Industry Expertise

1. Web development, e-Commerce

2. Software architecture design

3. Custom software application development

4. Technology/ data migration, porting of software

5. iPhone, iPad, Android & Mobile applications development

6. Healthcare, Financial Services, Education, Manufacturing and Procurement

*** Technology

01. Platform: WEB, iPhone, iPad

02. Testing Tool / Error Prevent Tool: Junit, FindBugs, Rspec, Selenium, Watir, QuickTestPro, Load Runner, JMeter, Cucumber, Capybara

03. Frameworks / Library: Ruby on Rails, Zend Framework, Magento, CakePHP, WordPress

04. Technology: AJAX, Javascript, Coffeescript, JSON, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3; iOS 6, iOS 7, Core Data, Mapbox, Mapkit, Stripe, Test Flight, Diawi, Social APIs (Facebook, Twitter, Google Maps), SQL Lite, PhoneGap / Cordova; Eclipse, Xcode, MS Visual Studio, Aptana Studio, Android Studio

05. Language: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, PHP, C#, C/C++, ASP.NET, VB.NET, ActionScript, Objective-C, Java

06. Application Server: Apache + passenger, nginx

07. Middleware / Networking: Web Services, RESTful API

08. Database: PostgreSQL, MySQL, AllegroCache, RRD, MS SQL Server

09. Operating Systems: Linux, Window, Window Mobile, MAC, iOS, Android

10. Security:,, OWASP best practices

11. UI Frameworks: Twitter Bootstrap, React, Angular

12. Cloud Platforms: Heroku, AWS, Linode, DigitalOcean, GoDaddy

13. Revision Control Systems: SVN, Github, Bitbucket

14. APIs: Stripe, Paypal,, Facebook API, Google Maps API, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest

15. Management Processes and Tools: Agile, PMBOK, CMMI using Trello, Basecamp, Smartsheet, Slack, Confluence, JIRA, Pivotal Tracker, Redmine
Software Engineering Institute -- Carnegie Mellon
CMMI Level 3
Awarded: 2012
Microsoft Certified Professional
Awarded: 2012
ISO 9001:2008
Awarded: 2010
Project Management Institute
Awarded: 2010
Certified Tester Foundation Level
Awarded: 2009
ISO 9001:2000
Awarded: 2008
Sun Microsystems
Sun Certified Java Programmer
Awarded: 2001
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
None specified
Duc Tran-Quang
Drever International, IT Manager
Bouki / Malis
Philip Oaten
MEPERIA LLC, President
Mark Flocco
Blinkbox, Ltd, President
Equity Trader, Equity Arbitrage Application
Grant Passey
Snapp, CEO
I Love Chinese on iPhone / iPad
Rammi Gill
Global Healthcare Exchange, General Manager
Mark Wilcox
Global Healthcare Exchange, Senior Manager Product Management
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