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Hery Zo R.

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I am a professional blogger mainly focusing on travel, ICT and social networks.

Moreover, I am an affiliate marketer thereby giving me a thorough understanding of the field of internet marketing, and giving me a hands-on experience for writing about it.

Finally,I have hands-on experience on local SEO (google places, citations and review sites)
Service Description
Niche Edition specializes in helping local Small Businesses leverage internet and mobile marketing for generating sales leads. We bring to you the best from technology in an easy to understand and to implement manner- we don't try to sell you lots of new techniques that you won't even use nor understand; we provide down-to-earth solutions that are proven to get more sales lead to your shops/business. We like working with people who don't necessarily want to be fooled with all the technical jargons of how it's done (although we can show it), but who want results in an affordable way. Small businesses and shop around the corner are our best clients.

Case study #1: getting in the front page of search engines in an affordable way
When it comes to local internet marketing, our goal isn't to bring some visitors to your website (although we can do so), but our main goal is to get customers calling you or walk into your doors. This is a totally different approach. And the good thing is that you don't necessarily need to have a website designed/hosted. Things aren't happening on your website anymore. Your customers are talking about you, or looking for you on different places on the internet: our job is to put you in front of those customers wherever they hang on the internet (this includes search engines, portals, directories, review sites, ...). Moreover, you've got to be reachable in different ways: via phone, via smartphones and other mobile devices/tablets, via online maps, via social networks =like facebook and twitter, ... We manage this whole thing for you on a monthly basis so that you'll only have to worry about when are you going to do a special treat to your customers. Try us FREE for one week (mention ELANCE when you e-mail us at --). We're here to help your local Small Business get the most out of mobile and internet marketing.

Case study #2: Getting the most out of your current customers - send your coupons via SMS so that your customers don't have to print them anymore

If you are a local restaurant, a salon, a spa or whatever local small business that are giving away discounts/specials/coupons to your customers, then this solution is your best friend. Just check the case study below:

The Riverside restaurant is a family-owned small restaurant located in Lincoln, Nebraska. It is run by Mary Stewart. The business has been established for a while, and competition is fierce in the city when it comes to places for eating. Moreover, as it is common with most restaurants, Mondays and Tuesdays are off-peak days that Mary wants to fill a bit more. Mary is looking for the most efficient way to increase her sales but unfortunately she can’t compete with those who have bigger advertisement and marketing budgets.

Marketing efforts Mary has done so far

Like most businesses, Mary has started offering coupons and discounts to her regular customers so as to keep them coming back which has provided some results to some extent. Basically: she offers a printed coupons to her customers to be redeemed on their next purchase. Sometimes, she hangs a big poster outside of her restaurant in order to attract new customers; and when she can afford it, she does a printed advertisement in some local newspapers.


While clients are eager to collect Mary’s coupons, more often than not those clients lose those printed coupons (at home, in their car, at work, …)- though they can’t redeem them on their next purchase. Moreover, the restaurant next door is also providing coupons to their customers (who can also be Mary’s customers).

Mary has also considered putting some advertisements to some local newspapers, or some online portals but she found out that this can quickly become expensive while she can’t necessarily see the direct impact of such initiatives.

Competition is fierce and Mary needs to find a new and effective way to boost her sales.

The affordable and easy to implement solution

Mary has heard of mobile marketing but has always been reluctant to consider this solution as she initially thought it would cost a lot; and that it is only made for high-tech/young and “in” people. Moreover, given the plethora of “solutions” and “options” that she could find online, she is more confused than anything else. However, when she thinks of herself as a mobile phone user, she found mobile phone (and mobile marketing) as an awesome tool. In fact, with the help of Niche-Edition, she found out that:

- Mobile phone users always carry their mobile phone with them (she then thinks that if the coupon is sent as an SMS, the issue of “lost coupons” mentioned at the “challenges” paragraph does not occur anymore)

- 90% of SMS received are read by the users. That’s a huge attention compared to e-mail (lot of scams, ..)

- SMS can be unlimitedly and easily shared/forwarded to other users- which is not the case with printed coupons, Mary can then invite her customers to feel free to forward the SMS to whoever they see fit. This way, Mary has just setup a recommendation system as her client are now referring her to other friends (who will eventually become Mary’s customers)

How does the system work?

Niche Edition sets up and manage the whole system. The only thing that Mary has to do are:

- decide on the “WHEN” and the “WHAT” to put on her coupon/discount campaign

- invite her current customers to subscribe to her SMS list. This now becomes easy and affordable as she can only put flyers/table tent or a line on her bill inviting her current customers to text “RIVERSIDE” to 41242 and they are in the list

Once the system is setup – meaning – Mary has defined the code (here “RIVERSIDE”) that she wants her customers to text:

- anyone can text “RIVERSIDE” to 41242 anytime so as to subscribe to Mary’s special coupons

- now whenever Mary needs to boost her sales, or on special occasions (holidays, off-peak days/hours, …), Mary only has to text her coupons to her list of customers and wait for those customers who come to redeem the coupon. The customer can’t make it this time? No worry, he can forward the SMS to another person and that person would get the rebate (probably a new customer that Mary would invite to subscribe to her list too)

The good thing is:

- the system can handle an unlimited number of subscribers for the same monthly fee

- customers can subscribe anytime (24/7)

The cost

As opposed to her initial thoughts, Mary found out that having her own Mobile marketing solution is very affordable. In fact, starting from only $20/month , she has a fully working mobile marketing system. There is although a $270 one-time setup fee.

Now every time Mary wants to send out a new coupon campaign, she will use a “pay-as-you-go” billing method that mainly depends on the number of subscribers in her list. Please check the “pricing” page for more details on that. Mary can decide not to send any campaign for months, or do one very single week- it’s up to her.

Affordable and no hidden fees mobile marketing solution.
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Hery Zo R. | Elance

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