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Online Ventures

Building more than a website
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About the Company

The internet world has always been a passion of mine. Over the past 10 years, I have been immersed in learning the intricacies of its existence, and learned more than enough to know how to develop small and large ones alike the right way.

Perhaps one of the most important characteristics that separates a great website from an acceptable one is designing it behind the scenes in a way that allows it to grow and evolve with the times. The internet changes, and so must your site, to stay upfront and center to your audience.

Throughout the past 4 years, I have assembled a wonderful team, and am confident we can meet your needs, whatever they may be. Our experience and creative problem solving team is equipped to address any problem we encounter.

We offer you the power of a top-notch development team, while steadfastly maintaining a small team size in order to deliver low cost solutions. You get the best of both worlds this way.
Service Description
Online Ventures
Web Development
2013 - Present
Crafting powerful tools to propel our clients forward in marketing, management, and sales. We work closely with each client, identifying unique needs, and providing the best solution that delivers exactly what they need.
Chestnut Development
Web developer
2007 - 2013
Chestnut Development needed a real estate developed as well as a maritime museum website and a mechanical music box website. We have worked together on these and other projects and have had a great time doing it.
Chris Gronow
Web Developer
2003 - 2004
Being in charge of marketing and online sales, I first built a website for Motor Car Export that provided contact information for our business and hours of operation. In the coming months, as it became apparent that a more complete sales tool was needed to facilitate in the administration and management of our automotive inventory online, I developed a dynamic website that provided all the tools and interfaces needed to manage the repairable and used cars through the website. This tool is still used to this day, and has assisted MCE greatly in selling their cars and improving efficiency.
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
I haven't been offering my services for long enough yet to have a concrete payment term policy. My number one objective is customer satisfaction. If you are happy, then you will be happy paying me for the work.
Online Ventures | Elance

Online Ventures