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Nick T.

Sequential Storytelling Services
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I am a freelance writer with a concentration in comic books and sequential storytelling. My first published work, AWAKENING (published by Archaia) was nominated for multiple Eagle Awards including Favourite New Writer and Favourite New Comic Book. The first hardcover collection is due out this June.

In addition to other projects currently being shopped, I also have a two part back-up story slated to appear in late summer or early fall in Image's PERHAPANAUTS.
Service Description
Nick Tapalansky was born in 1983 in the wilds of New York City. Fearing he'd turn to a life of crime, and sensing his villainous nature, his mother moved him upstate and away from temptation at the age of 2. Shockingly, he found something even worse than the supervillainy his family feared: comic books. Writing from an early age, he exploded onto the comic scene with Awakening in 2007, earning an Eagle Award nomination for Favourite Newcomer Writer. He now lives in the woodlands of New Paltz, New York, where he spends his free time devising new ways to crawl into your mind.

* Pitch Preparation: Helping you put together the best proposal possible for your comic book or graphic novel.

* Scripting: Providing you with a script from your outline or providing script finishes on your pre-existing script.

* Editing: Will review your script, outline, or pitch and provide feedback and opinions on areas in need of improvement. Service is included in either of the two categories above, but available separately as well.

* Article Writing: Reviews, OP/ED, or any other - pop culture focus.

1) If you script/edit/prepare a proposal, does that mean you own my property?

* Absolutely not! In fact, I don't even ask for credit. Your intellectual property remains 100% yours. I just provide the specifically requested services.

2) Can you get me published? Will you show my work to your publisher(s)? And so on...

* No. My pitch/proposal preparation, script assistance, or editing is in no way a guarantee that you will be published by publishers I've worked with or by anybody else. I will not shop your project around for you - my services are meant to provide you with what, in my estimation and yours, is the best possible opportunity for success.

3) Will you create something from scratch with me?

* No again, I'm afraid. Depending on the services you're requesting, you must come with enough of your property prepared for me to assist with. I may make suggestions as to what changes might improve the overall story and pitch potential, whether you've asked for a script, script finishes, pitch preparation, or editing, but I will not create a new IP (intellectual property) specifically for you.
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Nick T.