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Nicolas C. | Elance
Last Sign-in: Jul 2, 2015
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Nicolas C.

Project Manager,  Corne + Enroc illustration
  |   Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires


I have been working as a Project Manager for 8 years and from the beggining my objective was to fulfil all client´s requirements and envision. If you choose our Studio, you will find a professional team of artists, focused on the quality, creativity and service to client.

ENROC means Serious Business, and our objective is to complete your project professionally, in a timely manner, and earn your trust to create a long term relationship. Many clients have chosen us and all of them were completely satisfied with us.
Our expertise and skills guarantee a successful project, and if you choose us, you will find we are an allied for your business!
We have done more than 1000 projects in Elance and all our clients were completely satisfied with our performance. Please check our feedback history.
Service Description
I use to give the client a complete artistic experience from the beggining to the end of the project. My goal is that all clients have a fluid communication with me and that the final artwork is exactly what they envision.

As we use to work with pencil sketches at the beggining (except in specific cases that are made in color), clients can ask for any corrections in them until they approve the sketches so then we proceed to color stage.

Ie do not use to rush the process unless the client want us to as we understand that each project is unique and the client needs time to approve (or not) the artwork.
UCA (Argentinian Catholic University)
National Auctioner / Sales Agent and Valuer
2010 - 2012
Payment Terms
We use to work with ESCROW and we use to ask for the funding in milestones.
Nicolas C. | Elance

Nicolas C.