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Nicholas Noor

A Wall Street Integration Company
   United States
  |   Carteret, NJ
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As a company we have developed a keen sense of responsibility to enhance our client share-holding by enabling their tasks to be automated, give the company and excellent ROI, handle Services Oriented Architecture issues. Our company handles many top-tier technology with partnerships such as HP, StrongAuth, Sun Microsystems and Red Hat.

Our growth is dependent on customers like you and we have been in the business of systems architeture, development and integration for the last 20 years.
Our new concepts such as virtualization, outsourcing management, development, design, business intelligence and Storage Area Networks, these are our highlights. As an individual, I have worked on systems that handle up to $95 billion in trasactions per year with atleast 1,800 transactions per second on a system. Our experience in high-volume and enterprise level computing has not been just for the corporate few but for companies who want to grow and become a top-tier company.
Service Description
The company has been working with clients since 1987 in the IT field of technology and computing. We have now reached a level of computing to handle large enterprise systems. Our growth has been steady and our clients have been happy to work with us time after time.
The company handles many System Integration Projects. We are a small team but highly qualified specialists. The CEO comes a background handling sectors of Finance, Entertainment, Hospitals IT, Banking, Publishing and more.

Our services include:
Amazon Web Services Integration
Cloud Architecture
Support on AWS Integration

Above all we have successfully worked with our clients who are numerous to list.
Our latest client Scientific Games had 250 serves including IVR systems in place. HP EVA 5000 Enterprise SAN solution with Brocade Switches zoned correctly.
Server Builds with Tuxedo and many other applications.
SMP such as Flex LM Implementation.

A list of client’s portals.

Range of services we offer are:

Storage Area Networks, Linux Administration, Linux Administration, Windows Server Administration, PMP, OS X.
Awarded: 2007
Columbia University
Computer Technology Applications
Awarded: 1995
Pace University
MS Information System
1989 - 1993
Central Institue of English and Foreign Languages
Pos-Graduate Diploma in English Studies
1983 - 1984
New College
Masters of Arts and Literature
1980 - 1982
Loyola College
Bachelor of Arts
1975 - 1979
Scientific Games
Sr. Systems Engineer
2007 - 2008
Handled varied tasks in SAN Server Builds, Zone Configuration, Kickstart Installation, Windows Installation, patches, upgrades, service packs and more.
Talent World
2004 - 2007
Handle web development, e-publishing, traffic, domain, site management, programming, web integration.
Payment Terms
There is a 2 hour minimum, on-site rates are $125/hr. You can call for consultations and you will be billed for a minimum of 1-hour.
At the start of a project and the amounts of a project have been predicted for the time frame a 25% is collected at start. 50% is collected halfway during the project and 25% at 95% completion. You will receive 3 months of free consultation and thereafter at $99 per month.
Long-term projects rates are subject to a minimum of $100 per hour. All rates are negotiable based on the scope of the project.
Tom Notarangelo
Scientific Games, Systems Engineer
• Maintain East Coast Data Operations of 28TB during shift. • Building custom kernel RHEL version3.0, 5.2 systems and Centos 5.2., Ubuntu 8.0 • Customizing and installation via kickstart. • Build 14 Disaster Recovery systems to manage all traffic from West to East for failover capabilities. • patches and upgrades. • Use of Logical Volumes to create RAID systems. • Use of FlexLM to configure SMP features. • Use SNMP community strings into HP SIM and Openview. • Handling HP SAN Manager, Zoning of various systems using Zoneconfig. • Review using line editor of 4/32 HP switches, move fiber connectors and rezone. • Use of Fabric and addressing port issues with WWN, PID, handling full naming conventions of switch ports. • Use of HP Data Protector to validate zoned systems into mapping them. Checking HP MSL6000 Tape Unit. • Handling fiber connectors, BLp20, BL35, BL40 systems. • Kickstart installation and building RHEL3, 5.2, Centos 5.2 servers with custom features to map NAT addresses in VLANs. • Hardening of systems. • LDAP authentication with Pam security functions, DNS troubleshooting with necessary security and DNS Bind interpretation from security to implementation. • Install Windows 2003 servers and add PSP. • Work with Tuxedo 8.1 processes, debug ubbconfig file. • Change master control, SMP using new kernels to include SMP and PBSPro to include clustering of servers to include mirroring. • Build HP SIM repositories, manage racks, enclosures, discover systems and generate reports. • Include SANSurfer and use of Zone Explorer. • Use HP Blade system fiber related problems within the SAN architecture of up to 200 servers and including DAS servers with 28TB info. • Handle Qlogic and SanSurfer drivers. • Installation of Digi drivers, kernel updates, firmware updates. • Build Active Directory Servers, build Totes and customize system to spec for wagering. • Work with HP on many issues and solutions. • Install PSP from SmartStart. • Install JVM on Linux Desktops • Documentation of all procedures and processes for all installations and covert to HTML and place it on the intranet site. Set up 1+0 RAID systems and handle all DL360 and 380 servers. • Configuration range from security, LDAP, pam.d,, ssh, wget. • HP OVO utilities included. HP System Management utilities, use of HP SIM and Open View to track Asset Tracking/Management, • Allocate budgetary concerns with usage of T1 lines, other vendor based Plum software and VOIP contractual issues. • Track and compile into database resources, such as memory, MMU, CPU, I/O, Swap, the number of queries executed, infrastructure load balancing & optimization. • Extensive documentation of all procedures/policies and post to intranet site. • Handle 220V and 110V power distribution with external attached HDs, crimping copper cables to connect LANs ports, reconfigure Mac and HW addresses to suit VLANs. • Manage entire data center during day hours with 200 servers that handles up to $35b in income from the east coast region.
John Krier
Scientific Games, Network Engineer
Network Management of Eastern US Site.
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Nicholas Noor