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Noah S.

PhD, Data Scientist, Quant
   United States
  |   Los Angeles, CA
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PhD in statistics from UCLA.

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Expert with R, Matlab, C++. Specializing in predictive modeling. Currently focusing on developing a statistical approach to financial models, arbitrage, and development of algorithmic trading strategies. Research focused on adapting Generalized Linear Models to dynamically predict event occurrence from noisy time series.

A particular specialty in Predicting events using advanced machine learning techniques such as Support Vector Machines, ADABoost, and Ridge Regression. Further expansion of these methods with customized loss functions.

Previously successful business owner with significant experience in data mining, artificial intelligence, statistical learning theory, computational intelligence, new media consulting, systems design, VOIP, an a variety of other technology related areas.
Service Description
University California Los Angeles
Ph.D, Statistics (In Progress
University California Los Angeles
Masters, Statistics
- 2011
University California Los Angeles
Teaching, Statistics
2011 - 2011
University California Los Angeles
Teaching Assistant
2012 - 2013
Taught Statistics at UCLA
Graduate Student Researcher
University California Los Angeles
2011 - 2012
Developing high performance computing software for implementation of generalized linear models of massive data sets. All software developed in C++ with particular focus on parallelization of algorithms.
AllResearch, inc.
1999 - 2012
Conceptualized and developed This service monitors tens of thousands of online news sources from traditional media, social networks and blogs searching for relevant business intelligence items. Primary focus was to enable brand image awareness in the complicated world of Internet communications for brand managers and public relations firms. Engineered systems design, software design, data analysis tools, user interface architecture, data storage schemas and reporting systems. Conceptualized and developed This was the first service in the world to monitor the Internet for trademark infringement and sale of counterfeit goods. The system located potential infringement, used artificial intelligence to determine if the product was being actively sold in the registered trademark class, and provided tools for locating the owners of offending sites. This service merged a sophisticated, custom search engine with a proprietary support vector machine based artificial intelligence system. Engineered systems design, search engine, artificial intelligence system, user interface architecture, data storage schema and reporting system. First round VC funding by Gilder, Gagnon Howe & Co.
Quantitative Consultant
Alpha Trading, LLC
2011 - 2011
Short term project. Developed algorithmic trading strategies for trading high frequency commodities futures.
Quantitative Intern
Shinnecock Partners
2010 - 2010
Short term project. Developed improved portfolio allocation strategy for this fund of funds. Utilized MCMC bootstrap of past returns combined with Kelly allocation to find optimal portfolio
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Noah S. | Elance

Noah S.